This cute story is out of Taiwan, of a dog lost… and found, under unusual and amusing circumstances!

Chen’s beautiful Husky broke lose of his leash when they were out for a walk and he lamented finding his companion in the city of Taiwan until he saw him on TV one nite a few days later. Local media showed a store’s video camera catch his Husky, Sunny, happily padding around the convenience store until he came upon the candy. There he proceeded to snatch two chocolate bars and start munching.

Seems Sunny followed a woman customer into the store and the shopkeeper, thinking the dog belonged to the woman, didn’t say anything. It wasn’t until the dog snagged the chocolate bars that the shopekeeper found out the dog didn’t belong to the customer.

He took the dog to a local police station, believing it to be a lost dog and the news station broadcast the tape of the chocolate stealing dog, leading to a happy reunion of Chen and Sunny.

Chen picked up Sunny and then went to the convenience store to apologize and probably pay for the prodigal’s pilfered candy as well.

I always love happy endings when lost dogs are reunited with their owners but this one had such an amusing twist I couldn’t resist! 😆

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