The HSUS recently released a report of the Top 100 Animal Abuse Cases  – Humane Society Tracks Animal Cruelty Cases Nationwide – This case was in the top 100.  Imagine what kind of a depraved individual it must take to do something so cruel to rank in the top 100 of this kind of notoriety!

AZ Man Sentenced for Abusing his DogPHOENIX – 5/3/07 – An Arizona man was sentenced to a year in prison in a case that made a list of the 100 worst animal-cruelty acts in the country.

Eric Saenz, 20, was accused of binding his dog’s legs with zip ties and leaving it to die in an abandoned mobile home without food or water last October.

The zip ties had dug into the dog’s flesh to the extent that bone was exposed. The dog was dead by the time deputies found it, and investigators reported that its throat had been slit.

Saenz, 20, pleaded guilty to a felony count of cruelty to animals. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sally Duncan sentenced him Tuesday to the maximum one year in prison.

The Humane Society of the United States, based in Washington, D.C., listed the case among the nation’s 100 worst animal-cruelty cases of 2006. (From The Charleston Daily Mail – 5/3/07 – For the full story Click here)

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