WOW!  Is that something or what?  It’s the world’s most expensive diamond dog collar according to Forbes.  Labeled “Amour, Amour”, it’s one of the I Love Dogs Diamonds La Collection De Bijoux.

Its got over 1,600 hand-set diamonds and features a stunning 7-carat diamond centerpiece. The diamonds total 52 carats set in platinum and 18-karat white gold.  This magnificent collar is the ultimate in a pampered pooch’s wardrobe.

The retail price is a little over 3 million dollars.  $3,200,000.00 to be exact.

This collection features other fine quality diamond collars to adorn the love of your life.  The line includes other pieces named Juene Cheri, Amour de la Mer, L’Etoile, and Cheri and selling for $280,000 to $480,000.

I’m not poking fun at these collars.  I love diamonds.  If you are like me, I grew up watching movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Gentlemen Prefer Blonds, believing they are a girl’s best friend.  If anyone out there has 3 million for this collar – go for it!

But I don’t have the money to buy this collar for my pup.  *sigh*  So I am going to love my pup in other ways.

A Nice Long Walk:  Out in the woods or down to the park.  Make it extra long.  Let him/her stop and sniff at everything as much as they like.   Or, go to the leash-free park and let them run amok.  Outdoor exercise will surely do you and your pup a world of good.  Too cold?  Bundle Up!

Pet Treats:  Take your dog and go to a gourmet pet bakery and let him/her pick out the treats on their own.  Or, make your own.  You can find a ton of tasty recipes on the net.  Here’s one to try.  Your pup will love you for them.

Remember, absolutely no candy (especially chocolate) for your pet on Valentine’s Day.

Spa day: Don’t let your pet be known as “stinky”.  How about a nice warm bath followed by a good rub-down with a towel.  If you don’t think you’re up to the task, take him/her to a local groomer.  They love being pampered.

New Blankets and Toys: Blankets and toys are one of your pup’s favorites.  Especially squeaky toys!  They will be entertained for a few hours.  And while you’re at it, make sure you give them a new ball and head outside for a game of toss

Belly Rubs: Never mind the blankets and toys, belly rubs are your pup’s favorite treat!!  Lots and lots of belly rubs will make your dog go gaga for Valentine’s day.

Vet Checkup: Maybe not the favorite thing for your pup to do on Valentine’s Day, but it will give you peace of mind. After the visit, offer him/her another one of these activities to make it up.

I’d love nothing more than to buy a diamond collar to show off with my pup.  But you know, he’s not going to be real impressed about it.  In fact, my big, white, fluffy calamity will just take it outside and bury it next to his favorite bone.  You know, the doggie version of a safe deposit box.  He would much rather get his belly rubs, walkies in the woods, chase a ball, and put his head on my lap.  This will melt my heart faster than any diamond necklace.

A girl’s best friend has fur and a warm wet nose.  Sorry Marilyn.

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