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UPDATE on 13 Puppies Die, 1 Survives – Reward!

Precious, the only survivor of 14 puppies abandoned in a trashbag in a dumpster In the December case of the 14 puppies abandoned in a trashbag in a Riverside dumpster in which only one tiny puppy survived, there may be some closure and charges brought.

The Jack Russel mix puppies are believed to have been dumped in the trashbag while they were still alive and 13 of the 14 succumbed to suffocation or freezing and died. The lone little survivor was adopted but the woman who found the puppies and has been named ‘Precious’.

Police have named Michael Ray Howard, 35, of the South Ogden-Riverdale as a suspect.

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Bill Whiting with his dog, EdnaBill Whiting was distraught when his dog, Edna, got out on Halloween night. He searched everywhere and put up lost dog flyers with a reward. When he got a phone call on November 10, it was one of the worst thing he can remember. Two teens calling to extort money from him to return his missing Edna.

“I was to bring cash, by myself,” at midnight to a location Whiting could not decipher.

Whiting agreed to pay the money but not to a midnight meeting. “They said they wanted the money now, and told me they’d kill the dog, repeating, ‘You don’t believe me, Mister, let me hurt it so you can hear.’ “

Whiting heard Edna yelp in pain. When he heard the jingling of her tags, Whiting knew they had his beloved little brown dog.

“I couldn’t believe how evil he was,” says Whiting. “He said, ‘You know, Mister, I want to kill your dog.’ “

Whiting pleaded with them not to hurt Edna, offering to give them even more than $600 if they would keep Edna safe until the morning.

The line went dead.

Then a final call later telling him that Edna was dead. He was heartbroken.

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Gallatin Vet, Baber, Arrested and Charged

William Baber arrested and chargedThe cruel Gallatin, Tennessee vet, William Baber, who first came under scrutiny when an undercover tape was released exposing his cruel euthanasia methods has now been arrested and is facing 12 misdemeanor charges.

In early November, Baber was videotaped euthanizing dogs and cat by the cruel ‘heart stick’ method without sedating them. Some of the animals suffered cruelly up to 30 minutes before they succumbed to death.

He was shown even stepping on the animals to immobilize them for the injection.

Initially suspended then reinstated, he was finally suspended again and fined in mid-December. The suspension then was to continue until April when the Tennessee Board of Veterinary Medicine would meet again and decide whether to revoke his license permanently.

“Although the veterinarian board had already taken their action relating to Dr. Baber’s license, that doesn’t relieve us of our obligation and our duty to follow through with the law,” Sumner County District Attorney Thomas Dean said. “Where a law’s been broken, we are required to follow through with an appropriate prosecution and that’s what we’re doing.”

Now he’s been arrested and charged. The counts stem from evidence shown on the undercover videotape.

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Learn About the Fight AGAINST Puppy Mill Reform

Anyone who is familiar with me and this website knows how adamantly I am against puppy mills and am a strong advocate for humane reform. There’s nothing wrong with asking those ‘commercial breeders’ to improve conditions in their kennels so that living, breathing creatures are not living a life of horror and torture from beginning to end. There is money nice about puppy mills! There’s no way to sugar coat the horrors, the inhumane conditions, the filth, the cruelty, the death that take place every day and there is nothing wrong with demanding accountability.

For more about puppy mills, take some time to read The Horrors of Puppy Mills and look at some of the Puppy Mill Videos. That is the truth and reality and what those of us in our fight against puppy mills are trying to change.

Now, let’s look at the other side. It’s scary!

It should come as no surprise that there are many trying in every way possible to thwart the efforts of reform and change because to make the necessary improvements would take the precious green out of their pockets.

This is a long post so get comfy, I can guarantee that every word is well worth reading and will open your eyes to the lies, fabrications and much more that the advocates AGAINST reform are employing.

First an excellent and eye-opening article by Jenny Stephens of North Penn Puppy Mill Watch regarding the major reforms taking place in Pennsylvania right now and what organizations are doing to try to stop them. Gov. Rendell has pledged to make changes and is doing just that but it’s pissing off alot of people and they are very active in fighting him every step of the way. Read on and learn!

A Wolf in Lobbyist’s Clothing
By: Jenny Stephens, North Penn Puppy Mill Watch

A few weeks ago, a guest arrived at the North Penn Puppy Mill Watch rally, an educational function held at The Pavilion shopping center every Saturday in Lansdale, PA. As he made his way through the ranks he was heard to remark that he was going to ‘solve all of our problems.’

That man was Michael Glass, National Field Representative for America’s Pet Registry, Inc. and a registered Pennsylvania lobbyist. APRI is a canine dog registry currently competing with a slew of other ‘clubs’ to capture the attention and business of puppy mill operators (and ignorant consumers) in order to capitalize upon the registry fees that tally well into the millions annually. APRI, along with the ACA, CKC and many other money hungry organizations happily accept funds in exchange for fancy canine birth certificates that they indiscriminately issue to any four-legged animal belonging to the Canis familiaris species.

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Puppies shown on the websiteI got a email yesterday about a website called that outright ask people to turn in strays and any unwanted cats and dogs including litters of puppies and kittens to be used for medical research.

Please, take the time to read this and get the word out!!

They actually have an ad on Craigslist;

I Buy Stray Dogs and Cats

Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-28, 3:33PM ESTDo you have one too many cats? Or maybe a litter of unwanted puppies?
I can help you out and put a little money in your pocket.
Location: Georgiait’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
PostingID: 521795644

The website shows pictures of adorable dogs and cats and even tiny puppies and tells people to sell their unwanted pets or strays to them to make some money, rather then turn them in to shelters. Needless to say, I was beyond incensed!!

Every day, animal shelters wastefully exterminate valuable dogs and cats. Shamefully, the medical need is so great, while the supply of quality test animals are so few. I beg you not to destroy the trial subject who can make the difference between life and death for a real live human being.

Animal research has played a vital role in virtually every major medical advance of the last century and now YOU can be a part of that proud tradition and make money at the same time!

ItDog pictuerd on the website uses money as the hook for greedy, sick people who could care less the cruel torture and suffering these experiment inflict on innocent and defenseless animals. It tell how animals are nothing but property and you can do anything you want with them, yes, even sell them for medical experimentation.

Are you an individual who regularly finds himself with too many cats and dogs on hand or maybe you’re just in need of cash. Whether you’ve got a whole unwanted litter of mutts or just one cat that doesn’t get along with the rest, Email me and do a good deed. Keep it up and you can earn bonus money for quantity.

Still, Don’t believe me??? Animals are your property which you can dispose as you please. Check it out for yourself:

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Mother Dog and 6 Puppies Thrown in the Trash

MinPin Chi and her 6 puppiesBaldwin County, FL – Playing children heard whimpering coming from a dumpster on Upper Bryant’s Landing Road in Stockton. They alerted an animal control officer and when he investigated he found a MinPin-Chihuahua and her 6 puppies in a wooden box thrown inside the dumpster like trash.

The mother dog and her puppies, who were estimated to be only two weeks old, were taken to Baldwin County Animal Control. They will stay there until the puppies are old enough to be adopted in February.Tiny Twoo Week old puppy found in the dumpster

“Pets are not garbage.” said Kathy Eddy, the executive director of the Baldwin Animal Rescue Center. “This is not the right way to deal with unwanted puppies. I’m saddened to think someone couldn’t take the time to take the mother and pups to an animal shelter where they would have been treated humanely.”

Whomever is responsible faces animal cruelty charges. “Under the Gucci Act, a six month sentence can be imposed for each of the seven abandoned dogs,” Eddy said.

This was a cruel, heartless and senseless act!  Luckily these babies and their mother were found before it was too late.  How easily they could have gone into a trash truck and been killed if no one had heard their planitive cries.

Someone out there, aside from the person who did this, knows something.  There’s no telling what someone who is so devoid of conscience could do next.  Please, anyone with information about this, call the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office at 251-937-0202.

Source – WKRG

Justice for Tobey? NOT!

Tobey In the case that sparked nation and worldwide response in which three teens, 12, 14 and 16 years old in Guadalupe County, TX, brutally tortured and killed Tobey, a tiny Pomeranian mix puppy, ‘justice’ has been handed down. If that’s what you can call it!! I have no doubt there will be a great deal of backlash on this!!

Three boys who admitted to torturing and killing a puppy this summer will be sent to treatment facilities as part of their punishment.

The boys, ages 12, 14 and 16, admitted to killing a dog named Tobey in August.

The three boys will each be sent to different treatment facilities for six to nine months and will be under intense supervision probation until the age of 18.

The case sparked response from across the world as the district attorney’s office received numerous letters, e-mails and faxes expressing shock and anger over the incident, County Attorney Elizabeth Murray-Kolb said in September. (KSAT)

I am beyond incensed at this!! Although at the time there was a call to prosecute the little monsters under Texas’ new animal cruelty laws, I understand that it could not be done since they were not in effect.  It was hoped though that the boys would be sentenced to jail until they were 19 which was an option.

Tobey“What not everyone understands is that we are not allowed to do that unless specifically told by the legislature,” Murray-Kolb said. “We must go by the laws that are in effect at the time the crime occurs. That goes for the Code of Criminal Procedure (which sets out rules for prosecution and trials), the probation rules, whatever. They’re to be followed pending upon the date of the offense, and we’re bound by that law.”

“We believe it’s in their best interest and in the community’s best interest to have them stay right there,” Kolb said.

The teens, ages 12, 14, and 16, could be put in jail until they turn 19, if they are convicted under charges of animal cruelty resulting in death.

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Charges Filed in ‘Trash Bagged’ Poodle Case

Locky, rescued from a trash bagI honestly didn’t think I’d see this and cannot tell you how happy it makes me that the person who so cruelly threw two sick poodles in a trash bag and tossed the bag away is coming to pay the price for his cruelty!!!

The owner of the dumped poodles, twenty year old Matt Keyser of Phillipsburg, turned himself in to Phillipsburg Police Department on Wednesday who turned that case over to the SPCA for prosecution. Keyser is now facing ten animal cruelty charges.

Locky and Tatum PorterSeems he went to the vet and was told that it would cost him $1300 to care for the already sick dogs which he felt was too costly.

“He went to the vet and said, ‘My dogs are sick and they’re not going to make it,”’ said Matt Stanton of the SPCA. ”They gave him a price and he thought it was too high.”

He claims a misunderstanding and said that he thought the dogs were already dead when he put them in the bag to dispose of them.

The four summonses relating to Max, the dead poodle, include separate civil and criminal counts of depriving the dog of necessary sustenance and for abandoning a domesticated animal.

The [six] summonses relating to Locky include criminal and civil components for depriving the dog of necessary sustenance, inflicting unnecessary cruelty upon a living animal and abandoning a domesticated animal. (

“Each one carries a $250 minimum fine and a $1,000 maximum fine,” Lt. Rick Yocum of the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said. “And then beyond that when we go into court we often times will look to get restitution (for medical expenses incurred to care for the animal.)”

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‘Angel’ Still Looking for Her Angel

Angel Angel, as this sweet girl was dubbed, was burned by a blowtorch held to her head the summer. She’s now been recovered for months but still sits waiting for someone to give her the love and forever home she so wants and needs and deserves.

When her story first came to light, help and donations poured in but now that it has faded from the limelight, the most important thing she needs seems to be out of reach, a home of her own.

Nashville singer Dean Miller, son of late country great Roger Miller, has made it his holiday mission to get Angel, the dog badly burned over the summer, adopted.

Teenagers burned the puppy with a blow-torch in July. Most of her ears and scalp hair are missing.

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Dispute on Skinned Beagle, Anne

Warning: This story contains graphic photos.

The reward for information in the case of Anne, the beagle that was skinned alive in Vinemont, Alabama has risen to over $35,000. Now a state pathologist is saying that the skinning may have been accidental, done by a ‘machine.’

Cullman County Sheriff Tyler Roden said Monday that a report by George D’Andrea, of the state diagnostic veterinary lab in Auburn, said the force used to remove the dog’s skin and the absence of knife marks means some type of machinery was involved.

While this does not rule out the wounds being intentionally inflicted, Roden said, it does open up the possibility of the dog’s injuries being accidental.

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