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The REAL Benefits of Having a Dog

We all know that there are many benefits to sharing our lives with our canine companions.  Dogs bring so much into our lives, added emotional, psychological and physical health but have you ever really thought about it in actual numbers?  Check it out, nice to see it so concrete… not that we ever had any doubts! 🙂

Benefits of Having a Dog

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When momma dog went missing two weeks earlier a kindhearted neighbor woman did what she could to help the five orphaned stray puppies but the situation wouldn’t last. Thankfully Lucky Puppy Rescue contacted Hope for Paws

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Sled Thief Dog – VIDEO

And they say kids do the darndest things, what about dogs?  Oh my, this is one scene stealing… and sled stealing pooch… sooo funny!


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Baby + Puppy = Happy!

Rupert the Frenchie and BabyWhat do you get when you add an adorable Frenchie, Rupert, and a precious 6 month old baby… total cuteness, a lot smiles and giggles galore! Watch how sweetly Rupert plays with the baby… Read the rest of this entry

Flint – From Emaciated Stray to “Potato Dog”

Imagine driving down the street and seeing a dog in obviously desperate need of help; dirty, emaciated with ribs, hips and spine poking out, scuffed and scarred up, scared and in such sad shape that he’s practically oblivious to his surroundings just wandering down the street.  This is the beginning of Flint’s story, at least the only story that his rescuers know…

My fiancé left for work one morning, and not 5 minutes later I get a call from her. She came across this poor, obliviously unaware dog in the middle of the street, who almost got hit by one or two cars. She couldn’t seem to say no to this dog, and pulled aside to get his attention, just as another driver nearly hits him. She just really couldn’t let him end up dead, and honestly, I have no doubt he would have died had we not decided to help.

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Not Like Other Puppies… Lessons to Learn…

Sometimes only a dog can understand or help you understand… There are really no words sometimes…there are some things you just have to feel with your heart and this one touches deep in its beauty….

<sniff, sniff>

3-leg dog

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2- and 4-Legged Bullying Victims Help Heal Each Other

MurphySo many of us know the wonderful and healing “medicine” that our canine companions can be.  Therapy dogs help those who are hurt in many different ways from physical to emotional to psychological, to heal or sometimes even just cope with every day life.  Sometimes though, two injured souls find their way to each other and help each other to heal and sometimes one of these is canine and the other human.  This is the case of Murphy, an injured stray basset-pit mix and Brycen Roberts, a young teen dealing with being mercilessly bullied at school.

Brycen had become the target of some jock types at middle school, being beaten, bloodied and bullied all too often and the design of the school made it impossible to really escape, “People would just run up to me, push me over and run down the hall,” he said. Read the rest of this entry

Update on Emaciated Doberman Pup

starving dogIn early September, this picture posted by 100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida, of an emaciated doberman pup lying in the hot Florida sun went viral.  Hundreds and thousands of calls were placed to animal control, police, media and even local politicians to no avail.  Authorities wouldn’t remove the dog from the “owners” stating that no crime was being committed. Read the background HERE.

Finally, after the dog was removed and returned due to the law ,  due to an outstanding warrant, D’Anthony Davis was arrested and his wife was later arrested as well after causing a ruckus.  Both Dutchess, the emaciated doberman and another dog, a puppy named Diamond, were removed from the home. Read the rest of this entry


Over a week ago FTLTD shared the rescue of Cadence, the terribly abused sweet girl who gave mankind a second chance even though she’d known only cruelty at their hands.  At the end of the heartwarming and touching video, you see another big pitbull, a male, playing with Cadence.  He’s introduced as Chance with an update on his rescue coming… well, here is it… a second chance for Chance, so fearful of humans that he didn’t want to take a chance on Eldad Hagar and Annie Hart.  But they weren’t giving up on him! Read the rest of this entry

Best Day of My Life… Canine Style – VIDEO

best day

Ahhh… all dogs should have a wonderful life… as “man’s best friend,” we owe it to them to be their best friend too and looks like this cutie’s person knows that… Happy, happy, feel good… a day in the life…

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