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Pitbulls, the most abused and maligned ‘breed’ I think there ever has been. When you take the time to look beyond the breed, beyond the hype, beyond the BS, you cannot help but be amazed.

Vicious… dangerous… You think so? Take a look….

You Can’t Bring Me Down

Fork Eating Dog Recovering

Apachee, recovering from eating a fork Now I’ve heard of dogs eating all kinds of things from socks and underwear to rock and sticks, from Superbowl Tickets to Sports Cards (ok, so the dogs in question just chewed the tickets and cards) and a whole lot more…. but a fork?? This is truly a new one for me!

This beauty here is Apachee, a ten year old husky, and sometime earlier this month he must have gotten a taste for something a little different. His owners figure he snagged the fork out of the sink when no one was looking and just swallowed it down.

It wasn’t too long before his appetite started to decline, he started to cough and then he just collapsed.X-ray of fork in Apachee's chest

Rushed to the vet, it didn’t take doctors long to figure out the problem. An x-ray showed the fork had lodged in Apachee’s chest cavity and pierced a vein, releasing blood to surround his lungs.

After multiple transfusions and surgery to removed the fork, Apachee is expected to make a full recovery.

Dr. Gary Spodnick at Veterinary Specialty Hospital of the Carolinas in Cary, led the surgical team that patched Apachee’s pierced vein and removed the eating utensil.

Have a feeling Apachee’s owners will keep a closer eye on him but hopefully this has tempered his appetite for the unusual. Luckily, this will be something that everyone can laugh about in the future. 🙂

Little Boy Lost, Little Boy Found, What a Hero Dog!

Fox, K9 Hero DogIt’s every parent’s nightmare, a little lost child, out wandering. You’re worried, you’re scared, you want to know where your baby is. You call the police who bring in search crews.

This is exactly what happened to one Alabama family early Tuesday morning. Their little 3 year old boy wandered out of his house.

Seems daddy had gotten up and went out somewhere around 3-3:30 am and when he left, momma and baby were asleep, but the little boy must have gotten up and went looking for daddy.

“Apparently, the little boy woke up, and the door didn’t close all the way when the daddy left. The little boy went out looking for his daddy,” Sheriff’s deputy Joe Shanes said.

Police were called about 3:30 am and emergency personnel from Lauderdale County sherrif’s department and Zip City firefighters had been looking for the boy for about an hour when they called Shanes for assistance.

“Everybody was looking around the woods and everywhere else. No one had any ideas which way he went,” said Shanes, the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department’s canine officer.

When Shanes arrived with Fox, who is a tracking and drug K9, Fox went into action as soon as the car door opened.

“When (Fox) got out of the car, he ran behind the car and then started across the road,” Shanes said. “I hollered at him, but he just kept going. Then, he just sat down.

“I went over to him to put his leash on, and the little boy was standing there behind a tree. He saw me and said, ‘Hey.’ “

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A Happy Ending and a Young Hero

A hero and a happy ending! Matthew Heater, Maggie and Jayelen OaksIt always gives my heart a lift when I hear about a lost dog making its way home and a joyful reunion. Sometimes some of those stories have a special twist and this is just one of those that I want to share with you.

In Suffield, OH, a sweet little sheltie named Maggie went missing after a house fire. On July 20th, Rick and Jayelen Oaks’ Galaxy Drive home caught on fire after the propane tanks exploded. Maggie, who is terrified of loud noises, took off after she was removed from the home by her owners.

For two weeks, the Oak’s searched for Maggie, once seeing her in a cornfield. Jayelen called for her but Maggie didn’t come so on the advise of her vet Jayelen went back to the field with some food and sat and waited. No Maggie.

“I brought a book and sat for an hour,” Jayelen Oaks said. “She didn’t come. It was so hard to leave.”

Then last week, 13 year old Matthew Heater was riding his 4-wheeler in the field when he spotted Maggie. At the time he didn’t know Maggie was a missing dog. He went to visit is grandparents and saw the fliers.

Armed with the dog’s name, he went back to the field to try to find her again. After calling for her, his quest paid off and Maggie came to him.

“She looked really healthy,” said Matthew, who speculated Maggie came to his families’ home and ate dog food that had been left out for the familys’ dogs.

Then came the good part, he got to call the Oaks with the good news!

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An Inspiration….

We all have days that make us feel like we just want to give up, give in, just run away and sometimes, if we’re lucky, there will be something or someone in our life that inspires us to push on, to continue.

Imagine if you were told you had just three weeks to live. What would you do? Would you curl up and cry and feel sorry for yourself…. would you get your affairs in order…. would you try to fulfill your most special dream?

I first saw this video a while back and it really touched me. Earlier this year, Lis’ Kristof, a cancer survivor for 8 years, was given just 3 weeks to live. She wasn’t ready to let go until she lived her dream and this is truly inspirational.

She left the hospital to run her dog, a Chinese Crested named Diva, through her agility trials just once more. Against impossible odds, she stood on her feet, ran the course with Diva and she got the last qualification necessary to win Diva’s Agility Dog Championship title!

Watch the video and let it touch your heart….

Be Inspired….

On May 6, 2008, Lis lost her battle but she left a powerful memory and tribute to life that will carry on.

Do You Remember Stitch, the Puppy?

In June I did a story about a tiny puppy that was rescued literally from the brink of death. Stitch as he was name was one of a litter of 14 English Mastiff born to a 9 month old mother dog. For some reason, she killed four of her puppies and Stitch barely survived.

He was severely bitten in the head and the attack ripped his ear, requiring stitches, which earned him his name, Stitch. But more complicated injuries came with it… impaired vision and brain damage.

Stitch playing outsideWell, I got an update on Stitch and how the little guy’s been doing. He’s been through some rough times and there were questions if he could be rehabilitated at times but people didn’t give up on him.

Here’s some of his story from Lorraine Smith of Heel to Heal who kindly contacted me to help get his story out;

After arriving at Tri-County H.S., Stitch was interviewed by our local NBC Channel 5 station and even made it onto CNN! Donna Carrigan, Assistant Director, of Tri-County kindly offered to care for Stitch while he was recovering. Donna, and her husband Glen, tried very hard to work with Stitch for a number of weeks, but unfortunately he seemed to be becoming more of a handful every day, and it was becoming more likely that Stitch had received a permanent brain injury during his attack. He was circling constantly, not eating properly, had an insatiable thirst, didn’t enjoy being touched and was becoming more aggressive every day. He was also said to have been always a little “grumpy”, however that was an understatement, then add to that his other health issues… well, let’s just say Donna & Glen had a time bomb on their hands.

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Dog Reunited With Owner 125 Miles Away

A woman who currently lives in Naples was contacted by Miami-Dade animal services to say one of her two dogs was recovered over a year later.

And Announcing… Doni’s Dogs!!

Doni's Dogs Doni’s Dogs… Compassion in Action! A place to support animal welfare as well as to show the world what really matters to you.

After months of intense effort and work, Doni’s Dogs is making it’s official launch today!!

What is Doni’s Dogs?? An organization that gives you a unique way to both support animal welfare and show the world that you care and what you care about.

There are so many wonderful animal welfare organizations, from rescues to sanctuaries to transport groups and more and never enough time or resources. Doni’s Dogs hopes to be a stepping stone to help bridge the gap and you can help.

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Golden Retreiver Nurses Tiger Cubs It’s another one of those stories of surrogate mom-hood. This time at the Kansas City zoo.

The three tiger cubs were born on Saturday and their own mother quickly stopped taking care of them. Luckily for the newborn tiger cubs, Isabella the Golden Retriever, had just recently weaned her litter of puppies and had no problem taking on the cubs.

Zoo owner Tom Harvey says, “The timing couldn’t have been any better.”

Although it’s not something that happens very often, it does happen and I’ve done quite a number of stories about dogs playing surrogate mom to cats, bigs one and small ones.

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It’s great news for the dogs and puppies at Limestone Kennels, the Chester County, PA, puppy mill that was raided last week!! The endless cycle of use, abuse, neglect, breed and overbreed is finally over for them. They will now have a chance at life, the way life is supposed to be; life out of a cage, good food and water, proper medical care and most of all, a loving and caring family.

John Blank, owner of Limestone Kennels, has had his kennel license revoked permanently and has pleaded guilty eight counts of animal cruelty and two violations of the Dog Law. The remaining dogs at the kennel, approximately 75 or so, have all been surrendered to the Pennsylvania SPCA.

Blank will be allowed to own no more than 5 personal dogs while he is on probation for 2 years. As usual I find the sentence far too lenient for the prison sentence that more than 100 dogs in his kennel were subjected to, not to mention the abominable conditions they lived under. I guess we can take consolation in the fact that he will will not be running a kennel again.

“As a result of today’s actions, the dogs from this commercial breeding kennel will be cared for and put up for adoption to homes. This is the best possible outcome for the dogs,” said Wolff. “While the results are positive for these dogs, the case shows the need for better laws to protect all dogs in commercial breeding kennels.”

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