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Canine Arthritis? Try Stem Cell Therapy – VIDEO

Maggie Mae, 11 yr old Australian Shepherd helped by stem cell therapyThis rather new and novel treatment may be an answer for some dogs with canine arthritis. Since it was introduced earlier this year, already over 700 dogs have benefited from this treatment.

The treatment, which involved removing cells from the same dog that is to be treated is not controversial and is not FDA regulated, but dogs treated have, in many cases, shown remarkable recovery within a short period of time, some in only a month.

Although the treatment hasn’t gone widescale, results are promising even though no one seems to really know why it works or what the stem cells are actually doing.

“They may be signaling other cells to come in and do different things — to reduce pain and inflammation or build new tissue,” said Dr. Julie Ryan Johnson, a veterinarian and vice president at Vet-Stem. “The X-rays may not look any better, but there’s definitely something going on there.”

A recent study sponsored by Vet-Stem, a California company that has been using it to help horses recover from tendon and other injuries since 2003 and began offering the treatment for dogs with arthritis earlier this year, found that dogs given the stem cell therapy over a placebo treatment had significant improvement in their walking and trotting and less pain when their joints were manipulated and had greater range of motion.

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Hero Pooch Plunges to Save Drowning Boy

Hero Dog Jake and Tony Bailey Jake, a 4 year old Labrador Retriever, isn’t what anyone calls a smart dog, squirrelly and hyperactive are two words more commonly used to describe the dog. But last Friday, Jake proved he was much more, he became a hero to the Bailey family.

12 Year old Tony Baily often swims in the Platte River in Omaha, NE, but recent rains turned the normally placid swimming spot into a danger. The water, usually only waist high, was 7-8 feet when Tony jumped in and the current was strong. Tony was immediately in trouble.

“It was, like, over my head and I couldn’t touch,” he said.

Yelling for help, he family picnicking only 20 feet away didn’t hear the boy but Jake did. He plunged into the river and swam toward Tony and when the boy’s popped above water, Jake was right there to pull him to safety.

“I was saying, ‘Help, help,’ and I saw him jump in, and then my head went under, and when I came up, he was right here by me,” Tony said.

Tony latched his arms around Jake’s neck and the dog pulled him to where his grateful and relieved family were waiting on shore.

“We’re standing at the bank, and Jake brought Tony right up to us,” Bailey said. “We handed Tony this long net we use for fishing. He grabbed that,” and the family pulled Tony up.

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Does Your Dog Know English?

As acute as a dog’s hearing is, we ought to give them a little more credit for understanding our language. We know we can teach our dogs verbal commands, but many dogs learn to understand words we haven’t purposely taught them. We may find ourselves saying, “Let’s go for a walk” as we pick up the leash. The dog first associates the leash with the promise of going for a walk. He may also pick up on the word ‘walk’ without his owner making a move toward the door or picking up the leash.

A delightful mutt named Midnight was very tuned into when his family was about to go on a trip to Arkansas to visit grandparents. This was the most exciting event in the world to Midnight because it meant a long car ride and upon arrival, a huge pasture to run in, and cows to boss around (he felt he must protect the family from those giant beasts.)

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Need a Laugh? Funny Dog Video

If you need a laugh today, I have one for you… the silly things dogs do and sometimes to people! Enjoy!

Funny Dogs

Hen and puppies We hear all kinds of animal surrogate mother stories, from a doxie mothering a piglet to a dog mothering kittens but this is a new one!

Bronagh, a Blue Merle Collie, in Ireland, decided the best place to have her littler of puppies was Buffy, the clocking hen’s nest. So here begins the story of how six newborn puppies now have a surrogate mom in a usually reclusive hen named Buffy.

After the pups were born, Buffy took them under her wing while laying eggs at the same time. She’s hardly left her nest. Bronagh, the puppies’ mother, has taken the interference well. She feeds her babies a half dozen times a day or so and curls up with the puppies, hen and eggs every night.

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Big Rescue for Tiny Puppy – VIDEO

Tiny puppy rescuedA little puppy caught in a storm drain yesterday in Miami brought out the big guys for a rescue operation.

When someone saw a dog whimpering and whining by a storm drain yesterday morning, a little investigation found a puppy wedged deep in a drain pipe at NW 75th Street and 6th Avenue in Liberty City. Out come Miami-Dade Rescue crews!

It’s heartwarming to see such efforts expended to save a tiny life of a puppy and they did expend some effort.Rescued puppy

Responding rescue crews donned air tanks and masks and went down into the sewer drain in search of the tiny stuck puppy. Animal control officials were also on hand to help and stood by along with the pup’s worried mother who watched and waited for her puppy to be freed.

After two hours of intensive work, one of the firefighters finally surfaced shortly before noon with the wet little dog in his arms.

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Just a Dog

A friend passed this along to me and it is to true and so touching the I had to share it. I think you will understand. 🙂

Just a Dog

From time to time, people tell me, “lighten up, it’s just a dog,” or, “that’s a lot of money for just a dog.” They don’t understand the distance traveled, the time spent, or the costs involved for “just a dog.”

Some of my proudest moments have come about with “just a dog.” Many hours have passed and my only company was “just a dog,” but I did not once feel slighted.

Some of my saddest moments have been brought about by “just a dog,” and in those days of darkness, the gentle touch of “just a dog” gave me comfort and reason to overcome the day.

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Dog Downs Toxic Cane Toad, Both Survive – VIDEO

Cane ToadAussie dog, Bella, and Spew, the cane frog are none the worse for wear after the frog spent 40 minutes inside Bella after being gobbled down with her dinner.

Cane toads are highly toxic and can kill a dog within 20 minutes but Bella, the dog, wasn’t thinking about cane toads as she gobbled up the leftovers that her owner, Jackson Crews, 27, tossed her.

As she was happily munching, a cane toad jumped in and got gobbled up along with the food.

“I threw them on the grass and as I did I noticed a cane toad. Bella saw it and thought it was one of the pies. She swallowed it whole,” said Crews.

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DAWGs for Dogs – Advocates for the Abused

When it comes to prosecution of animal abusers, people can talk for themselves but the victims of the abuse can’t. DAWGs or Dog Advisory Work Group Court Advocates is working to even the balance. In Chicago, average citizens are being trained as watchdogs of sorts for the animals involved in crimes.

The need for these advocates is being felt because, with newly strengthened animal abuse laws, the number of prosecutions is rising.

Cook County courts have more than 30 animal-abuse related hearings scheduled through the end of June.

Cynthia Bathurst, a court advocate and president of the Cook County Partner Against Animal Cruelty Task Force, said anyone over 18 can be an advocate in Cook County courts.

“We need to see what we can do in the south [suburbs and south Chicago], where we’ve seen a significant number of cases in the past year,” Bathurst said.

Last summer, Cook County had one of its largest busts, seizing 37 dogs from a South Holland man accused of operating a fighting ring on his property.

County Sheriff Police animal crime investigators said they’re also often called to the Ford Heights area, Harvey and Chicago’s South Side to investigate dog fighting and other forms of abuse.

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Chihuahua Gets Lost, And Found, 60 Miles Away

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