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Fun Summer Fashions for Your Pampered Pooch

Do you have a dog with fashion sense? Is your pampered pooch clamoring for fun summer duds? Well here’s some fun and cute choices for your ‘fun in the sun and summer’ furbaby! 😀

How about a nice selection of bright and colorful Hawaiian shirts?

Or maybe you have a ‘wild child’ pooch who is more into the motorcycle style?

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You just gotta love this! I mean, my babies are smart but I doubt I could ever get them to do anything like this. Will definitely make you smile! 😀

Charlie Chaplan and the Dog – Dancing Duo

Tiny Puppy – From Death Row to Life – VIDEO

Stitch This tiny little puppy, an English Mastiff, was headed for death. He is one of 14 puppies born to a mother that was only nine months old, a puppy herself, to a Maryland breeder. Four of the puppies were killed and this little guy barely survived.

He was severely bitten in the head and the attack ripped his ear, requiring stitches, which earned him his name, Stitch. But more complicated injuries came with it… impaired vision and brain damage.

“So it’s really his coordination and his sense of balance and sense of direction are definitely affected here,” said Brian Butzer, a veterinarian with Clint Moore Animal Hospital in Boca Raton.

Stitch walks in a circle, has difficulty controlling his head… a disabled puppy, now of no value to the breeder.

The breeder was going to put him down because basically he was useless. Not only would he not make them any money, he would cost them a bundle and you know breeders, aka, puppy millers, they’re in it for the money.

Luckily for this little guy, word got out and people wanted to help and save his life.

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Take Your Dog to Work Day – June 20th

Take Your Dog to Work DayTake Your Dog to Work Day® (TYDTWD) was first celebrated in 1999 by Pet Sitters International to celebrate the great companions dogs. This annual event encourages employers to experience the value of pets in the workplace, even if just for one day! Ultimately, it’s about encouraging pet adoptions from shelters, humane societies and rescue groups.

Statistics show that 1 in 5 American companies allow employees to bring their pets to work with them to the mutual benefit of company and employee. This trend has shown increased moral, decreased absenteeism, increased employee moral and productivity, a higher level of creativity and even increased sales. We know that pets are beneficial to the health in a number of ways; lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, decreased stress level, just to name a few, so who loses here. Looks like a win-win situation.

Of course this is not feasible for everyone everywhere but how wonderful for those that can. Are you one of the lucky ones? Can you take your dog to work with you on a daily basis or at least on TYDTWD?

What can you do if TYTWD is a no-go where you work? How about taking a picture of your dog to work with you. Ask if your company will sponsor an after-hours employee-pet event.

“Take Your dog to Work Day” can also be great PR for a company! Announce it to the local media. Charge a small donation for employees to bring their dogs and donate it all to the local animal shelter or humane society. Take pictures of the employees and pets and post them on the company website.

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Now if only people could get along so well! Talk about a feat, this is pretty amazing. Watch the video and enjoy! give it a time to load, it’s worth it 🙂

A Dog, A Cat and A Rat

Save a life, Adopt!!Here’s some great news if you’re in the San Diego area and are looking to add a furry family member this summer. All three of the San Diego animal shelters are waiving adoption fees starting today through August to ease seasonal overcrowding.

Any cats 6 months or older and dogs, 5 years or older, as well as any dog or cat that has been in the shelter for more than 30 days will qualify for the waived fees.

“Most of the dogs here are cooped up in cages, they need a home to go to,” Simony Lay, of the shelter, said. “What’s the point of spending thousands of dollars on a dog when you can come save a dog and give them a home?”

All dogs and cats will be spayed or neutered, microchipped and have all their shots prior to adoption.

So, save a life, adopt!!

This cute story is out of Taiwan, of a dog lost… and found, under unusual and amusing circumstances!

Chen’s beautiful Husky broke lose of his leash when they were out for a walk and he lamented finding his companion in the city of Taiwan until he saw him on TV one nite a few days later. Local media showed a store’s video camera catch his Husky, Sunny, happily padding around the convenience store until he came upon the candy. There he proceeded to snatch two chocolate bars and start munching.

Seems Sunny followed a woman customer into the store and the shopkeeper, thinking the dog belonged to the woman, didn’t say anything. It wasn’t until the dog snagged the chocolate bars that the shopekeeper found out the dog didn’t belong to the customer.

He took the dog to a local police station, believing it to be a lost dog and the news station broadcast the tape of the chocolate stealing dog, leading to a happy reunion of Chen and Sunny.

Chen picked up Sunny and then went to the convenience store to apologize and probably pay for the prodigal’s pilfered candy as well.

I always love happy endings when lost dogs are reunited with their owners but this one had such an amusing twist I couldn’t resist! 😆

The Greatest Love – VIDEO

Watching this video, it’s difficult to decide who is more amazing, man or dog but it is a true testament of a man’s love for his dog. Of course we know the the dog’s love is unconditional. Prepare to be amazed and touched.

The Greatest Love

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy MEmorial Day

Cannes Spotlight: Palm Dog – VIDEO

Cannes’ prestigious Palme d’Or award will soon be surpassed by the unofficial Palme Dog – that’s according to Palme Dog President Toby Rose. A mongrel called Lucy whose owner gets arrested for stealing dog food while on a road trip to Alaska on Friday scooped the canine award for her title role in “Wendy and Lucy”. Director and owner Reichardt picked up the diamante dog collar prize but considered it too fancy for back home in Queens, New York.

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