Dog eating

Looks like this guy learned how to feed himself!

I think we all know how smart dogs are and can be.  They can be trained to do so much, from just being wonderful companions to being therapy and rescue dogs and more. Scientifically it’s been shown that dogs rate intelligence-wise with a 2-year old child.  Just what does this mean?  An average dog can understand up to 250 words and gestures, count up to five and actually do simple mathematical calculation, just for starters.  

Obviously a lot of what a dog can do comes down to training and perseverance, on the part of both dog and trainer.   As for mine, just the basics 🙂  I figure as long as they behave and stay out of trouble, it’s good enough for me.  They are my friends, my companions and a little trick here and there is good enough.  Besides, I think they’re harder headed than I am!

Now, I want to introduce you to Jesse, a super smart JRT.  So much fun to watch…. Enjoy and be amazed!

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