Catie Copley, a friendly and lovable black labrador, started her working life as a seeing eye dog but as her own eyesight deteriorated she had to make a career change. Catie is now an ambassador for Boston’s Fairmont Copley Plaza and her life just keeps getting better.

(Catie) has modeled in a Neiman Marcus fashion show, attended charity events, performed in “Shear Madness” at the Charles Playhouse and, of course, enjoyed national media attention.

And now the adorable black Labrador retriever is the star of “Catie Copley,” a new children’s book by Deborah Kovacs and illustrated by Jared T. Williams (David R. Godine publishers, $17.95).

Will success go to her furry head?

Unlikely, judging by a reporter’s recent encounter at the hotel, where Catie played with 3-year-old guest Sydney of Brookline. As her daughter skipped through the lobby with Catie, Sydney’s mother noted that the toddler is usually afraid of dogs.

Greeting guests is a key part of Catie’s day, which starts early. She spends the night with her main caretaker, concierge Jim Carey, and is up at 5:30 every morning to take the subway to work. Her former job was as a Seeing Eye dog, but when her eyesight began to lag, she made a career change. “Besides being a naturally friendly dog, the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind trained her very well. I haven’t had to teach her a thing,” Carey said.

“Catie Copley” captures her life at the hotel, where she charms guests and grabs naps from her post in the lobby, and helps a small guest recover a lost toy. (Boston Herald)

So if you want to know more about Catie and her amazing life, check out Catie Copley

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