fancyWe’ve all heard the wonderful, enlightening and touching stories of dogs saving the lives of their people, of dogs “knowing”  before anyone else does sickness, cancers and more, well here’s another one of those wonderful stories.  Darlene Guthrie, recently retired after 20-years on the Elkhart City Police Department and long time animal rescuer, was diagnosed last September with epilepsy.

For months Darlene was afraid to leave the house for fear of a seizure coming on her when she was unprepared for it but no more. Now, with the aid of a dog she rescued as a puppy, Fancy, Darlene can now go where she wants, when she wants.

“I feel better. I can do anything I want. I can go anywhere I want,” Darlene explains. “We never had children and I know there’s probably no comparison between a love for a child and a love for a dog. But, she’s my kid. I can’t imagine the loss if I were to lose her.”

Friends, companions heroes and more, our canine companions complete our lives and make us whole.  They give us they love, loyalty and ask for so little in return.  They are truly man’s… and woman’s best friend!

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