dozerDozer is one dog that wound up in a WI shelter that isn’t looking for a home anymore.  Surrendered about a month ago when his family lost their home, Dozer showed an amazing knack for searching out lost toys.  Seems the Milwaukee Police Department think this little talent can be trained for something else, finding drugs.  So now Dozer, once just one of the many shelter dog hoping to get lucky enough just to find a home, has found much more!

And the timing is perfect too, the department is is retiring a a 9 1/2 year old drug dog so Dozer will be trained at through the Milwaukee Police Department’s Vice Control Division’s Drug Detection Canine Program and be able to replace the retiree. He’s already passed his aptitude and medical tests and is well on his way.

Dozer is the fourth Lab to be honored to be selected from a shelter and trained as a police dog.

Go Dozer!!

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