The Westminster Kennel Club Thursday introduced the latest breed allowed into competition, the ‘Dogue de Bordeaux,’ also known as the French Mastiff. Some of dogs posed in New York with last year’s winner of Best in Show, Uno the Beagle.

Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff)
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Being a fan of all dogs, I love the pure breeds as well as the mixed breed dogs but I thought I would take a moment to show this breed. Anyone remember the movie “Turner and Hooch?” This was the breed of dog in that movie, my first introduction to it and I just fell in love with the huge drooley beasts. I think they are just adorable.

I’m not sure I can actually imagine living with a dog this size, especially as my home is really small, but I think they would be a blast. I can almost imagine the havoc they would wreak if they were excited and just running around, that tail whipping from side to side, drool flinging on everything. Now if that thought doesn’t just bring a picture to mind….. 😀

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