Dogs living in a Texas sanctuary, Smiling Dog Farms, desperately need our help!!

Hi Everyone!

In two weeks, we will run out of kibble — the primary dog food that we feed most of our dogs. (We also buy special foods for dogs with special dietary requirements, but the vast majority of our babies eat kibble.) It is a high quality product with no chemical preservatives and no bone meal — only meat meal. It is also enhanced with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. We receive a significant discount, paying just $12.94 per 50 lb bag, as long as buy in quantities of 400 bags.

That means that a shipment of kibble costs $5176, and we really need help to write that check!

In the old days, 400 bags would last four months or longer. But the increase in dogs this past year has brought an increase in consumption. Now that same amount of kibble lasts just a little more than two months.

In two weeks, Smiling Dog Farms
will be out of kibble.

This is an emergency, interim financial need. Once we hold our Annual Fundraiser, there will be money in the budget set aside for dog food purchases.

We need to raise $5176 in the next week to feed many, hungry dogs! Any amount you can contribute will be a great help to our babies!

To Make a Donation via Paypal, please go to our Web site – Smiling Dog Farmsand click on the “Paypal Donation” button

For those who prefer to send a check, please make your donation payable to:


Smiling Dog Farms, Inc.
P.O. Box 743
Wharton, TX 77488

Please help us help our dogs.
Your generosity is greatly appreciated.


Jay Hellerich

Smiling Dog Farms, Inc.

Wharton, Texas


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