The is the terribly sad story of two Dogster dogs. It broke my heart to read the diary entry their mom made. For so many of us the recall touches us in that we keep track of it so that we know what is safe and what’s not. We care and we worry. This is what it feels like to lose your beloved furbabies.

Boogie died suddenly on April, 05, 2007. Her Mom Belle died on April 06, 2007 .They were killed by Ol’ Roy biscuits which were recalled on April. 06, 2007

Belle and Boogie

April 5, 2007

Seemed like a typical day.

I was out of Boogies Chewy’s, she didn’t like the cookies as much, not like Belle. She wasn’t going to take it, I told her, “That s all I’ve got Boog.”

She took the cookie!

I let them outside and Patti came down, she said “Whats the matter with Belle?

Belle was right next to her so I just said “Nothing, she’s right there”

The she said, “Well then, whats the matter with Boogie she’s just lying up by the steps, thats not like her.”

I had let them out less than 5 minutes before, I ran up the driveway to my most precious girl, but it was too late. I stood there screaming, shaking her, doing compressions on her chest. I just couldn’t believe that my girl was gone, Oh my God, WHY? WHY? What happened? How? Shock set in and I could barely breathe. I spent the day in disbelief, crying, sobbing………….

It didn’t make sense.

Somehow I made it through the day, I don’t remember anything really, after finding my girl. There was little sleep, There is little sleep now! The scene played over and over inside my head, like I was watching someone else in a movie.

April 06, 2007

I awoke with my first thought, My Boogie’s not here! And began crying even harder. I could tell all the other animals here knew, there seemed to be a sullenness and quiet. All of the neighboring dogs let out a howl, that continued far down the road. And then utter silence. Even the Jack Russel down the road that drove Boogie nutz with it’s constant barking, was quiet.

I tried to make myself busy, I took Belle with me into town, stopped for a coffee, Belle got her usual small milkbone, Sadley I told the girls at the coffee hut that Boogie was gone.

I couldn’t help thinking, What could have done this? Boogie was young, active, quite fiesty even. She always was a happy girl.

Around 5:30 I gave Belle a cookie, she seemed so depressed to me.

Belle immediately went into spastic convulsions, Tightening up, then a deep shiver, she was crying out as if in great pain. Panic set in, Oh my God, NOOOOOOOOOOO, Please God NO! Whats happening? Oh my God, please!!

I called the Vets, neither was in the office, the recording said call Animal emergency, so I did. I described the symptoms and they said I should bring her right down. Belle didn’t seem like she could even walk, I screamed for Dean to help me get her in the car, Please help me. He called Kevin to help him as I called Patti and told her, she would meet me at the clinic. As Kevin hadn’t arrived, I started talking to Belle, telling her it would be alright just come with me. And somehow that Mommy’s love got her up and I got her into the car and we took off. The entire way I just kept tellin that pretty girl to hang on it will be ok, just hang in there with me.

Please Belle….

I got to animal emergency and the girls there helped me get Belle inside. They took her into an exam room, and came out to talk to me.

I described what had happened the previous day to Boogie, now here I was at a clinc for emergencies with my Belle. Oh dear God, no, please God don’t take her. I just lost Boogie, please don’t take both of my girls away.

Please God, Please!

They were asking me questions about their food, Well, that didn’t make any sense, I told them. I told you my girls ate natural baked from Flint River Ranch, and it is NOT on the recall! It’s natural. The only thing either one of them had other than their food was their biscuits, their Ol’ Roy Peanut Butter biscuits.

The receptionist hung her head as she said, “They were just put on the list today!”

Oh my God, Oh my God, Nooooooooooooo!

They went on to tell me that an estimate for their services which held no guarantee was $1800-2300 upfront, and if I didn’t have it I could fill out this loan paperwork they happened to have.

I had to have air, sobs were choking up into my throat, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breathe. I went outside to try and calm myself, hoping Patti would be there soon. When she arrived I could barely talk, I told her Belle is in a lot of pain, she’s been poisioned, I poisioned my girls, I killed my girls Oh my God.

Why, how? I don’t remember much for many days, except Beaser, he walked around looking, every bark he heard his head would turn toward the noise.

He was forlorn, only word I can use to describe it. My girls, My beautiful girls, they trusted me, and I felt I had let them down!

From the Diary of Belle and Boogie.

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