Update – Duffy Found his Forever Home!!

Hi, I am Duffy , a handsome shepherd mix. I have been here patiently waiting in my little kennel for seven long years. I have never lost hope, but I have to admit, my chances for my own forever home are looking a little dismal.

I arrived at the shelter when I was a four month old pup and was adopted right away. But there was some trouble with my family and I ended up being returned to the shelter because they weren’t treating me very well. That was when I was about 2 years old, and here I have sat ever since.

I am now 9 years old and I am just wondering, how much longer do I have to wait?

I have seen hundreds of friends come and go over these seven years, and I am just as handsome as they were (even more than some !) and have lots of personality. I am friendly and cheerful. Always up for my favorite games of tug of war and fetch.

I know I am considered a mature adult now, but I have many great years ahead of me. I would be perfectly content to hang out with a family in their living room watching football, the news, maybe the dog whisperer or whatever they want really, their choice. I don’t need a lot of exercise, but I do love leisurely walks, which I am very good at. I don’t pull or chase after cats. I weigh about 50 lbs. Just the perfect size to cuddle up in one of those comfy dog beds I have heard about. I am healthy and affectionate and I really am begging for a chance at my own home and family.

Just think about it please.

And if you decide to give me my chance, I won’t let you down. Call my best fan, Kathy @ 305-401-4693 or email her at klcremer@aol.com and she will set it up for us.


So that’s Duffy and his story.  This poor sweet boy has been sitting in a shelter in Miami, Fl for 7 long years, waiting, watching others leave all around him.  All he needs is a chance.

He’s an only dog kinda dog, doesn’t do well with other dogs really.  Maybe a laid back older female but definitely no males or cats.

I know there’s a perfect home out there just waiting for him.  Can you help?  Is it your home or do you know someone?  Maybe you can help just by getting the word out, share his story.  Seven years is a long time to sit waiting….

UPDATE 5/11/09

I got an update (thanks Susie) that Duffy has finally got his forever home!!

Here’s a little of the email I got:

Duffy – SEVEN years in a pound. FREE and going to his forever home this week!

Last week I told you about a special case I was asked to help with. Duffy had been at the pound for SEVEN years, waiting to be adopted. The shelter had just about given up hope of ever finding a home for him.

I am happy to say that DUFFY has been adopted!!! Paws up in the air for the biggest happy dance so far!! Duffy has been in the pound for SEVEN LONG YEARS waiting for a special angel to come along.

Dogs often select their owners. Duffy KNEW he was meant to be with Rhonda and China (Rhonda’s adorable bulldog). China & Duffy were like “an old married couple.” Duffy even jumped into Rhonda’s car when it was time for her to leave, and it broke her heart to have to pull him out, but there were adoption papers to process and other things to be done.

But, Duffy will be joining Rhonda and China this week…

After a long, long lonely road of seven years, Duffy has a HOME.

Happy, happy tears. Spread the word. Network, share and spread the news. This is how we save animals.

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