Bear_in_Shelter-SFFIf you’re on the front lines of animal welfare, whether it be rescue, transport, volunteer or in any other capacity that you deal with dogs, pets and animals, then all too often you know heartbreak and anger and frustration.  The ones that can’t be saved; not enough time or money or places for them to go… the sad and often pathetic excuses people give for dumping their pets; young to old, healthy to disabled and everything in between.  You’ve held the broken, battered bodies, you’ve nursed the sick, you’ve contemplated giving up as you come to the breaking point.  You’ve dug into your own pocket again and again when donations were non-existent to feed or vet just one more and you ask yourself “why?”  Why go on… why bother… when no one else helps or cares…

Well, this is why… when you get that note from someone who adopted one of those bebaies you saved telling you how wonderful they are, how much they love them, how happy they are.  When you get that picture of a 12-year-old boy holding a small dog, a grin on his face to light the world, like he got the best present that he’s wanted all his life.  When you get a video of a rescued dog’s first day in his new home, a dog that just a few short days before was sitting on death row, sad and dejected…

This is why… this is your reward… this is what fills your heart and makes it all worth it!!

Meet Bear!  Now named Monty, he was just another dog sitting on death row until he was rescued and desperate pleas went out to save him… he’s one of the lucky ones!  Check out his first day in his new home, with his new family and new furry siblings.  It will make you smile, it will lift your heart…. it will make it all worth it!!

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Thanks Caroline for sharing Bear/Monty’s video!!  Saving Furry Friends is a 501(c)3 rescue and sanctuary in Virginia and Caroline rescues dog from death row; caring for them, feeding them, vetting them, transporting, finding fosters and forever homes.  It’s a 24/7/365 deal… no days off, no breaks… but seeing a once doomed dog romping in the grass, playing and knowing that you’re the reason, is one helluva a reward!!

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