I received this and wanted to get the message out. Please help and get the word out. The animals there are really in desperate need!

Darlington County Animal Shelter in SC is in desperate need of your help. The weather here has turned frigid with nights dropping into the low 20s. The dogs and cats at this shelter are living outside with little or no shelter. The shelter they do have is provided by Igloo dog houses. If there is no room there, they are left to sleep on the cold concrete.

They are in great need blankets, towels, rugs, dog houses, collars, leashes, brushes, and any and all cleaning supplies.

Many of these animals also need vet care. If you have any vet supplies, or vet experience, they could really use it. Donations would be greatly appreciated to get these animals the care they so desperately need.

The dryer is also broken at this shelter, so there are no clean towels/blankets for the animals, unless a volunteer totes the laundry home with them. If you have a commercial washer and/or dryer you could donate, it would be so appreciated.

You can send donations directly to the shelter if you have any of the items above.

Their address is:
Darlington County Animal Shelter
Attn: Cathy James
1740 Animal Control Lane
Darlington, SC 29532
email: cathyjames @ptcsc.net

Or you can click the link below and participate in our fundraiser we have going on. All money raised will go to the animal shelter.

Donate through  FUNDABLE

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