Ok, I guess we don’t even really need to talk about how much the escalating gas prices are affecting all of us; it’s bad and there’s no real sign of relief in the near future. So how would you like a chance at a $200 Gas Card???

Saving Furry FriendsSaving Furry Friends Rescue and Sanctuary is raffling off a $200 Shell Gas Card to help raise funds for their ever growing number of dogs and puppies they care for. Right now they have almost 50 dogs between the rescue and in foster. They are 501c3 pending and funded only by donations from loving, caring people like you!

So between now and July 30, they are doing this raffle. It’s only $5 per chance and the winner will be drawn by one of their volunteers and announced. The $200 Gas Card with be sent to the winner.

What do you say?? Ready to take a chance and help dogs in need?? C’mon, you can spare a measly $5!

Check out Saving Furry Friends Rescue and Sanctuary website, look what they do. It takes so much heart and love and time and yes, money to do this. The heart and love, there is never a shortage of. The time, they make. The money, they hope comes in. Isn’t $5 a small price to pay to help and you also get a chance to help your own self in this gas crunch!!

NOTE – A minimum of 40 chances must be sold by July 30 or the raffle will be canceled and all monies returned.

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