REscueRescuers are a special breed of people.  For them, going above and beyond is the norm.  There are so many wonderful rescuers out there and Eldad Hagar with Hope for Paws is definitely one of them.  Working with Annie Hart of the Bill Foundation, Eldad and Annie  were on a mission to rescue two 10 month old pups, brother and sister, from the streets.

I have to say, if you’ve ever watched Eldad, he has a magician’s touch when it comes to rescue.  Watch the video below… let your heart be touched… see the transformation in these two adorable pups from vagabond street dogs to cute moppets awaiting their forever home… <big sigh>

Gotta love rescuers! 🙂

Now, do your part and share these babies so they can find their forever home!


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