Tara Stultz from Olmstead, OH, is missing her beloved Aussie Shepherd, Annie and she asked me if I would do a story on her. If you are in the area, please keep an eye out for Annie. She is a 9 1/2 year old 45-pound mixed breed with a marled coat mostly gray and black with some tan and white. She has one brown eye and one blue and partly brown eye and is described as looking like a wolf or a coyote from far away.

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The following is from The News Sun, an interview they did with Tara about Annie;

She wheezes due to a partially collapsed windpipe but she is not sick and not contagious.

“She sounds kind of like a motor-boat when she breathes, but she’s fine and healthy,” said Stultz.

Stultz and her family made 250 fliers last weekend and put them up around their River Road neighborhood.

An unknown neighbor on a nearby street made photo-copies and put up several more fliers and put them in mailboxes on other blocks.

“I was on a long street starting to put up fliers when I noticed someone had already put fliers in all the mailboxes,” she said.

The Stultzes have gotten a lot of responses from neighbors and residents concerned with returning Annie home. She’s gotten calls from consoling neighbors and was also given advice on what steps to take next.

“I asked this man who called, ‘how did you find out about Annie?’ and he told me he was on some church property walking his dog and several children in the neighborhood were calling ‘Annie, Annie!’ trying to find her,” she said.

“The man told me to be optimistic because the whole town is looking for her,” she added.

The Stultzes have had Annie for 9 1/2 years since she was a puppy. She has never gotten out before, but some contractors accidentally left her gate open and the Stultzes two dogs escaped. The other dog came back home but Annie has been missing since Aug. 23 and last seen at 2:15 p.m. on River Road.

The Stultzes just moved from Lee Road in Berea and have only lived in Olmsted Falls for a little over a year.

“Everyone’s been so nice and helpful here,” said Stultz, who said they have returned to their former Berea neighborhood several times hoping to find Annie there.

Call day or night (440) 225-9595 or (440) 235-7077 if Annie is found or seen. A reward is offered for her safe return.

Please, help get the word out about Annie, feel free to repost this!

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