new-feetThis is an amazing story of a dog, that against all odds, not only survived but persevered.  Caught in an illegal trap in Alaska, Andre chewed off one of his front and one of his rear paws to free himself.  He then lived for weeks under a camper shell until he was rescued by Alaskan Dog and Puppy Rescue. The 3-year old mix weighed only 38 pounds at the time.

Andre was transferred to Denver and OrthoPets was contacted to make new paws for him. For more than a year this amazing dog has been living with only two paws but now, thanks to some amazing people and wonderful doctors, Andre will again be able to get around on all four.

“This is the first time that Andre has been able to stand on four legs in over a year and a few months now, so it will be an interesting challenge as he learns, instead of having to survive with two legs how he can actually thrive on all four,” Martin Kaufmann with OrthoPets said.

“Andre is just being fostered with my family for just a few weeks and we’re working with the Denver Dumb Friends League for adoption and I have to say it’s going to be pretty hard to see this bugger go. He’s such a sweet guy, such a happy guy and has such a drive to thrive,” Kaufmann said. “Now… he can thrive the rest of his life on four legs instead of just surviving with two.”

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Talk about a feel good story!! Way to go Andre, hope you get a wonderful home and family and a special thanks to everyone who had a hand in getting new paws for this sweet boy!

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