Update 9/10/09 – Talk About Dog Days!

Update 9/8/09 – It Was a Happy Labrabor Weekend!

This Rescue Tale is a little different, it’s ongoing so there will future updates to let you know how everything is progressing.  The Tale is from our own Susie – Sue Horn.  If you’ve been around FTLTD for any time you will know Susie, she is one of our friends and constant commentators.  She keeps everyone in line and kicks butt.  Not only that, she is a dedicated rescuer and animal advocate.  Her home includes three beautiful, if sometimes rowdy and playful, labs.  You can find out a bit more about Susie and her babies from a previous story, Guardian Angels in Fur, please take the time to read to see a side of dogs few people have been honored to experience firsthand.

And now for…

Labs, Labs and More Labs


Jasper – hopefully to be adopted this week

Most everyone on this site knows that I am heavily involved in rescue. I always love to hear happy stories about rescue and rehoming of our furbabies, but every so often, we are faced with shock and sadness. This is one of those stories, and with hope and hard work, this will turn into a happy story. This situation is personal to me, as my three boys came from this kennel, two of which before I got involved in rescue, and the baby, a gift from the owners.

Being a breeder/owner of a kennel is hard work. It is almost like living on a farm, getting up at the crack of dawn to feed the animals, clean their kennels, pamper the new pups a little, exercise all the dogs. Then do the late night walk thru the kennel and tell everyone of the dogs good night, giving them a kiss on the head. This kennel has been in business for over twenty years, offering American Labs; beautiful, well tempered, healthy labs.



The owners of the kennel got separated in the fall of 2008. The husband took over running and managing the kennel, along with the help of trained employees. Their whole world came crashing down in June of this year, when the owner suffered multiple strokes. He has been hospitalized/in rehabilitation since his strokes, and will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. That was June, this is September. His two female employees are doing the best they can, and quite honestly, in my eyes, have done a fabulous job taking care of forty adult dogs, and currently fifteen+ pups.



I got a call the last week of August, that the Dept of AG is not happy with the conditions of the kennel, and the almost ex wife made the decision that we have to re home all of the dogs. It is breaking her heart, but she knows me well, and knows that I will not adopt the dogs out to just anyone, how diligent I am in going over the adoption applications, the home visits, checking with neighbors and friends, checking with the potential adoptive parents current vet, and doing sub sequent home visits after the adoption has taken place. It has bothered me something terrible that this has happened, because I know how the kennel had been run all these years.

Rosalee, now renamed Lola and adopted into a wonderful furever home!

Rosalee, now renamed Lola and adopted into a wonderful furever home!

Well, here is the situation. The dogs that the almost ex wife owns have been relinquished to me, and these dogs include about 4 adult dogs, and one litter of puppies. The rest of the dogs, about 35 adults, age range from one year to 11 years old, will need the signature of release from either the owners guardian, or himself. The owner does not realize that he is not capable anymore to take care of the dogs the way they need to be taken care of. I have talked to the Dept of Agriculture, and the man handling this case is willing to work with me to rehome all of the dogs, as he has worked with the kennel for approximately the last ten years.

I had talked to D. about this situation, and she offered to do a story on it, putting the word out, so to speak. If any of D’s readers knows of a rescue that would be willing to work with me, or if anyone here would be interested in adopting, you could contact D, and she will get the info to me, for me to contact you or the rescue. If the dog/puppy is adopted thru me to a family, I am not asking for the typical $ 250.00 adoption fee, but a donation of $ 150.00 to help with the vet bills the kennel has accumulated. I am talking to some of the rescues I have worked with in the past, and we are currently preparing for foster homes for all the future incoming, wonderful babies.


TD, short for "Too Damn Cute"

I have had a busy weekend, and have another gal in rescue helping me re home these babies. Sunday morning, the 11 week old female chocolate, Rosalee, now known as Lola was adopted, Reggie, an 8 yr old yellow female is in foster care, MJ who is a 3 year old black female is in foster care, and I might have one of the three 11 week old yellow boys adopted out. (His name is Jasper). I still have two little yellow boys, again aged 11 weeks, named Edward and James. James is a very laid back little boy, and Edward is as sweet as can be, with his chubby belly full of food. I still have to get a good picture of MJ, and a good picture of Reggie, so be patient with me on those two. I also have available a 7 year old black female named Mariah. Mariah is so so sweet, and loves to cuddle, and as you can see, smiles quite a bit. Our older boy that needs adoption, and needs to be in an only dog home is TD, which is short for Too Damn Cute. TD is 10 years old, is as beautiful as can be, and is 10 years young. Sorry for the picture, but TD turned his head the minute I snapped the picture!



In the next thirty days, I expect to have the rest of the dogs relinquished to me. As that happens, I will inform D., and maybe we can post some of their pictures. They are all very loving dogs, and there are quite a few that have touched me in ways you could not believe. One of the girls, Ruby, whenever she sees me, she “talks” to me, and I have to go sit and cuddle with her, talk to her, and give her belly rubs. I don’t know what it is about her, but she gives me the giggles.

I suppose this is also a story to never take life for granted. Live each day to the fullest, and make sure you have all your ducks in a row, and most of all, when you leave your house to go to work, to go to the store, or even out to dinner, tell your furbabies that you love them. They need to hear it as much as we humans need to hear it.


As Susie said, some of these and many more are available for adoption.  Lots more pictures and information will be coming. There is transport available as well.  If you are interested, leave a comment and I will pass your name and email address along to Susie to get in touch with you.  No need to leave your email in the comment, I’ll have the info with your comment.  Serious inquiries only, Susie is going to make sure each and every one of these sweet babies have a wonderful home!

Do you have room in your home and heart for one of these furbabies??

Update 9/8/09 – It Was a Happy Labrabor Weekend!

That’s a quote from Susie and here’s an update… a very happy update! It’s getting there, slowly but surely. Still much work and many more dogs to place but it is coming along.

MJ - Adopted!! WooHooo!!

MJ – Adopted!! WooHooo!!

MJ (pictured) went to foster care on Sunday morning. Her foster is working with her on housetraining, and says she is an absolute doll. Monday afternoon, I received a call from my rescue partner that a family with 3 kids, aged pre teen to late teens went to meet and greet her, and they fell in love with her. MJ sat in the kids laps and soaked in all the love and affection. They adopted her on the spot, and she will go to her furever home on Friday! Yippee!!!!

Spoke to Rosalee’s dad, nka, Lola, and he told me he changed her name to Dakota. She slept her first night thru, and woke him up at 7am Monday morning to go potty. Dad sounds so happy with his new little girl in his home, and is anxious for me to come out and visit.

Jasper is going to a foster home tonight, and we have quite a few adoption requests on him, so hopefully this week Jasper will have a new home.

James and Edward are going into foster care tonight also, and will be working on their manners and house training. My foster is so anxious to get them, but I have told her “double trouble”, and she has 3 dogs herself!

Reggie has sparked interest, and I still need her picture! I have someone who is supposed to send me their application today, so hopefully Reggie will be in a furever home shortly.

I am so happy that MJ has found her furever home, and I will be looking forward to updates on how she is adapting to a new home life.

Long Labrador weekend, but so worth it!

Update 9/10/09 – Talk About Dog Days!
The past few days have been extremely busy for us with placing my dogs.

James was adopted last night, and will go to his furever home on Saturday or Sunday!!!! The family did not choose James, James chose them! James’ new mom and dad have two grown sons who still live at home, and Gramma also resides with the family. Sounds like James is going to be getting enough attention to stay out of trouble! Foster Mom Pat said that James went and laid down in the dad’s lap, and just made himself comfortable. James will be renamed either Scooby or Rusty. I am told the family must take a vote on it.

Reggie, the 8 yr old yellow female is in the final stages of being adopted. Foster Mom Diane cannot say enough good things about this pretty girl, and a single lady is going to spend some time with her on Saturday to see if they get along well enough to live together. From what I have found out about the adoptor, and knowing Reggie, I see a perfect match made here!

Edward has a meet and greet this weekend with a young family who has two small children. The family is very excited about meeting Edward, and hopefully their application will go thru with flying colors, and soon Edward will have a new home with a big backyard to play in!

Mariah has a family interested in her, but I yet have to receive the application. Maybe by early next week, pretty Mariah will have a new family, and a place to call home.

I got a note that MJ has been renamed to Clover. She will be going to her furever home tomorrow, and I cannot be happier for her.

All in all, despite the lack of sleep, it has been a fabulous week. On a funny note, our foster for Jasper could not pick him up on the designated day, so Jasper spent a couple nights with my oldest son and his wife, and spent this morning with me at work, laying under my desk playing with an empty cardboard box, sleeping in my lap while I was trying to work, running after my oldest son here in the office, and when I arrived first thing, I caught my husband playing with him on the floor. Jasper was picked up just a little bit ago, and I actually had tears in my eyes when he left me. I told him that he is going to find a wonderful mom and dad, and I will check up on him frequently. My husband walked into my office a few minutes ago, and looked for Jasper, and I said he is on his way to his foster Mom’s. He had the saddest look on his face, and said “awwwwww”. Even a grown man can turn to a pile of mush when it comes to a little puppy!

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