Seven dogs rescued from a BYB who were living on horrible conditions are still in need of help. The rescuer, and Dogs Deserve Better rep, worked for more than a year to get him to release the dogs, in her own words, “Ive been working on this backyard breeder for about a year, and I now have him ready to stop breeding pit bull type dogs. This breeder is absolutely one of the worst ones Ive seen.”

If you or someone you know can assist Sheri with food, vetting, crates, transport assistance and/or emergency fostering, please contact her directly at

The following is an email from Sheri passed along to me by Mary O’Connor-Shaver of Ban Ohio Dog Auctions:

DAYTON Backyard Breeder Update:

We have 8 dollars to our name and 44 pounds of dog food for all of the rescued dogs (7) and my dogs/DDB Rescues (9)!!

WE NEED EMERGENCY HELP!! I got the dogs surrendered from him (the BYB), but now I need a place to take them! I can arrange transport, but I have no money to get med care and I dont have enough crates to keep them for days!

I got one to the vet and they all have demodex. Thank God! Amazingly enough none of the wounds on these dogs are infected!!! I can hardly belive that…maybe there was too much dirt caked on them for the germs to get…if thats possible!

I need help with getting these dogs out of here now. I dont have enough crates and being alone with all these dogs with a baby is overwhelming. I have four of my own and five Dogs Deserve Better doggies. The Animal Resource Center and a Humane Officer came by today and got photos and info about the guy (BYB). He is a part of an investigation. They werent allowed to say anything about it, but they did say that he turned over four a day before he gave these up to me and they were in worse shape (and of course they were put down).

Please contact anyone you know that can take any of them. All of them have demodex, are not fixed, and are starving for attention from humans! They all are very loving and listen like a trained dog, but they have been used just for breeding!!!!! They are all so sad and these dogs need med attention & baths!

Below are their profiles (note – not sure if I got all the right pix with the right dogs, if interested in helping to foster, confirm)
1. COCOA: 2 yr old beautiful Bulldog/ Staffordshire Bull Terrier Female. She was once a family dog then given to him because she wasnt little and cute anymore……She is the color of milk chocolate exactly! She could be an amazingly beautiful dog! She is very friendly to everyone, even strangers, and she LOVES to swim.

2.PEARL: 5 years old full blood Staffordshire Bull Terrier.. Brindle..She is pregnant and due next month! Her babies will all be brindle also as the dad was too…(Both parents have very good temperments!!) She is extremely friendly and kinda goofy and fun! She is really short and chunky! PEARL is in a crate that is probably too small, but it is all I could find for her and it is breaking my heart when I go in there and she puts her paw up to ask to be let out.

3. CHANCE: She is a 7 month old Hound/ AmStaff mix. She is very affectionatte and likes to kiss alot. She is brown & white spotted.

4.HONEY: She is a 7 month old AmStaff. She is a little shy but will warmup to you after aminute. She is brown & white spotted.

5.ROXY: 14 month old female Shep/ AmStaff mix. She is very affectionate and submissive to people. She is great with kids and is pregnant and due next week with Thrillers babies.

6.THRILLER: 10 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier male. He is very calm and sweet but doesnt like big dominant men. If they are affectonatte to other dogs then he does warm up to them but he doesnt know whether to trust them at first. I have watched this guy grow up at this place and he has a special place in my heart…He was chained at 3 months old on a HUGE HEAVY chain. I have been begging for him his whole life. He is in terrible helath but can get better!! He has punctures and cuts all over his body from being attacked by other dogs when he was chained.

7. LEXIS: She is 11 months old and friendly also. She is mostly AmStaff. She is the mother of HONEY. She is very smart and is being crated with THRILLER right now.

I dont have enough room for them (they are all in crates in my laundry room) and the Humane Society needs 2 of thier crates back ASAP.


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