BabyThis is a sad story of a 1 yr old terrier who was born with Spina Bifida and needs a new home desperately and quickly!!

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Baby is a 1-yr-old female Terrier type. She belongs to a very elderly woman on disability. Baby was born with spina bifida. As a result, she is completely paralyzed in her back legs and is incontinent (she wears doggy diapers which she does well with).

Baby was brought to my attention a few months ago by the people from whom her owner is renting a room. After talking with the owner and finding out about Baby’s condition, I personally donated a $300 cart for Baby that she uses to wheel herself around the floor. She has adapted very well to the cart and has no mobility problems when in it.

Unfortunately, Baby can no longer live with her owner who is now starting to developBaby dementia and is no longer able to care for her. She forgets to change Baby’s diapers, and as a result, Baby suffers from terrible urine burns and sores on her stomach and legs. The people with whom the owner lives, along with animal control, have contacted me and have asked me to try and place Baby with a different home. If I cannot do so, Baby will have to be euthanized.

While I understand that in certain situations, a dog’s medical condition can warrant euthanization, this is not the case. Baby is one of the happiest, friendliest, most loving & sweet dogs I have ever met. She has no clue that she isn’t “normal.” If she is out of the cart, she tries to jump up to greet you and will scoot herself on her diaper across the floor to meet you. In the cart, she wheels around in circles to have you play with her. Baby is not food aggressive, is good with children of all ages, and loves other dogs and cats.

Given Baby’s young age and exceptional personality, I believe that she could live an extremely happy and healthy life with someone understanding of her special needs.

Her case is truly sad in that when I visited her last night to take the pictures, you could see the open sores on her legs and stomach. I know she has no hair left because of the urine burns. I am hoping to get her out of the situation as soon as possible so I would appreciate any help that you can give.

CONTACT: Anyone interested in adopting or taking Baby in for rescue can email Denise Harrington, at, hone (765) 939-7051 or (765) 277-1826.

The vet info for Baby is that she was treated and diagnosed by TL:C Pet Hospital in Richmond, IN (765) 973-8703. he treating vet is Dr. Jeff Logue.

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