Boeing, the dog that had airport workers busy chasing him downThursday morning a stray dog led workers at Miami International Airport on a merry chase as he ran along side Runway 1230 about 7:30am.

For about half an hour the dog led airport ramp agents on a slow speed chase as five airport vehicle attempted to corral the wily dog. They managed to chase him off the runway shortly after 8 am and flights were not affected.

Animal services were called and managed to rescued the scared pooch, named Boeing by Animal handlers at Miami-Dade Animal Services.

Boeing is a healthy and well cared for mixed breed with no collar or microchip. He’ll be held at Miami-Dade Animal Service for 5 days to see if any owners come forward to claim him, if not he’ll be available for adoption.

He sure is a cutie and doesn’t look like he could wreak as much havoc as he did.  Glad that Animal Services managed to rescued him and now he will have a chance to be adopted.

Good luck Boeing!

Dog Leads Airport Workers on Merry Chase

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