One of Itchmo’s readers has started a forum thread – Medical Costs for Treated Affected Pets – in the Itchmo forums to compile a

“record of the costs associated with treating the pets that have been affected by eating contaminated food. This topic will include all vet bills, in-house testing, tests sent out to diagnostic labs, treatments, prescription diets (prescribed by your vet) and anything else that is medical. Sadly, it will also include costs for euthanasia and cremations for those pets that are now running at the Rainbow Bridge.”


“- Your medical costs are welcome here even if your pet was affected before the recalls. Many of us share that experience. No one knew then what was happening, but they STILL count.

– Save copies of bills or ongoing bills and put in an big envelope to keep. It is important to document.

We really don’t know what the end result of this fiasco will be folks, so keep good records. You may need them later. Reconstruct as much as you can. If you didn’t save your records, go back to your vet and ask for a copy of your records, including all the charges. It’s their job to keep good records.”

So far estimates of pets who have gotten sick or died been dramatically under-reported by the FDA and media sources.  Until April 16, 2007, the FDA was repoting only 16 confirmed deaths.  In their report FDA’s Ongoing Petfood Investigation, released 4/16/07, they finally admit that the, “FDA recognizes that there may be many more pet illnesses and deaths than the 16 deaths it has confirmed so far.”

Since the Fda and ‘powers that be’ seem to have a hard time compiling this information, let’s help them out.  Post to Itchmo’s blog post Medical Costs for Treated Affected Pets if you have a pet that was affect by the contaminated petfood.

Raise your voice and be heard!

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