Your dog stumbles, forgets his house training, acts strange; it is Alzheimer’s?

Well, no, dog’s don’t get Alzheimer’s disease but what the can get bears a marked resemblances to Alzheimer’s. What dog’s can get is cognitive dysfunction syndrome, or CDS.

“Cognitive dysfunction syndrome is a complex chemical and physical change in the brain in dogs,” said Dr. William Ridgeway, a veterinarian. “It parallels Alzheimer’s in many, many [ways].”

Symptoms include barking, whining, anxiety and restlessness.

Some dogs may become aggressive when they’re confused or scared.

And there can be memory loss and diminished thinking and learning skills in the brain.

“Dogs will get these globs of data amyloid plaques – which is very similar to Alzheimer’s – in a portion of the brain and it decreases their cognitive awareness,” said Dr. Ridgeway.

While medications can’t fix the damage, they can alleviate the symptoms.

Owners can also ease the animal’s frustration by keeping a simple routine and providing a secure environment.

“Keeping the same time schedule for them – eating, drinking, walks – and keep the commands short and simple,” said Ridgeway.

If you think you have a dog with CDS, talk to your vet to find out which treatment is best for your dog.

There are four different kinds of medications for dogs with CDS and they have limited side-effects.

Holistic medications like Vitamin E, ginseng and gingko biloba have also been used to help ease the symptoms of the disorder.  (

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