I’ve written often on dangers to our canine friends, toxins and poisons and have specifically written on the artificial sweetener Xylitol, but some things cannot be highlighted too much or too often.  When it comes to keeping our furry family members safe, being in the know is an important part of the solution to the problem.

Here’s the harrowing story of a couple who found out the hard way the serious danger that Xylitol, an artificial sweetener in many sugar free gums, was be to their beloved pooch.  Take heed and be sure to share this.  Many people still do not know all the dangers out there.

For more information on dangers to our furry family members, take a moment to check out – Poison or Toxic to Our Pets. You’ll find information on many items from food to household items, from plants to medications that are dangerous and what you should do if your pet ingests something it shouldn’t.

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