cotyCoty is a 12-year-old Husky who was diagnosed with a degenerative arthritic elbow four years ago and it really slowed the active pooch down.  Coty and owner, Dan Miller, used to hike, bike and more and Dan really wanted Coty back to her old self so he took her to Dr. James Israelson of the Mountain View Veterinary Health Center in Providence for a revolutionary type of surgery.

Using Coty’s own stem cells, harvested from fat removed from her, is not controversial and has been used on horses since 2003. In the future it may also be used on humans.

Not an inexpensive procedure at $1,600, Dan Miller says if it gets Coty back to 40 percent, he’ll be happy with that. I’m sure Coty will be too, she be able to do some of the things she used to and it will also, no doubt, ease her pain.

Good luck Coty and Dan!

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Just like in humans, arthritis is crippling and painful. There is some help, natural alternatives, acupuncture, laser treatments, ect. which can also help but a treatment like this goes beyond what other treatments can do and does it much faster.

This revolutionary treatment was actually introduced in 2008 and by mid-year, over 700 dogs had been treated, some with amazing results.  You can read about another dog that was helped by this wonderful treatment HERE.

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