Now this really disturbs me! Having to continue to pay for a pet ‘wellness plan’ after the pets has passed away? Just goes to show you that ‘big business’ doesn’t have a heart, only a wallet and bottom line!

I came across this story yesterday about a woman whose cat had passed away but she had to continue paying for a wellness plan for months after the pet died. I wanted to bring this to your attention because this could happen to you or anyone and their dog or cat. Just another pathetically sad example of big business and money over the welfare of our beloved furry companions.

A Chicago woman is upset she’s on the hook to pay monthly bills for a veterinary “wellness plan” for her cat months after the animal died.

Sarah Harper, 29, told the Los Angeles Times she paid an enrollment fee last year of $69.95 and agreed to $16.95 monthly payments to Banfield, the Pet Hospital, for her cat to receive regular vaccinations, exams and discounts on a variety of veterinary services.

Her cat died in October, and when she contacted Banfield, was told she’s locked into a one-year contract regardless.

“Charging for his healthcare after he’s dead? That’s just evil,” she said.

Banfield spokeswoman Kathy Baumgardner said the company doesn’t sell the packages as insurance, the Times said.

“This is an issue we run into once in a while, when a client hasn’t read the contract,” Baumgardner said.

Banfield is the largest chain of veterinarian operators with 655 facilities nationwide, mostly attached to PetSmart pet-supply stores. (UPI)

So, just something to keep in mind.  We all care for the health of our pets and many of us go that extra mile by getting pet insurance and enrolling in wellness plans with the skyrocketing costs of pet medical so if you are considering doing this, be sure to read the fine print!

Evil? No, just business!! Kinda makes  ya sick though. 🙁

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