I have heard some real horror stories when it comes to dogs or puppies and paper shredders. Too often a dog will lick a shredder and an automatic sensor will engage the shredder’s operating mechanism and the poor dog’s tongue will be pulled in. The results are disastrous. I cannot stress enough how dangerous these are and not only to pet but to children as well.

Rascal with ear in paper shredderOne pup in the UK found out recently just how dangerous these can be and although Rascal, the Springer, will recover and be pretty much fine, you can be sure it is something his owner, Jackie Wells, will never forget.

Seems Rascal was just near the shredder when his ear passes over the paper port and set of the senor that turned on the machine. The blades grabbed the fur on the 11-month-old puppy’s ear and pulled it in.

“The shredder has a sensor that switches it on whenever something, usually paper, hovers above it. There must have been a fault with the safety device as it didn’t stop,” said Mrs. Wells.

“As soon as I saw Rascal was stuck I immediately disconnected the machine and called the vet. I couldn’t believe it – the poor little devil.”

She rushed Rascal with the paper shredder attached to a local vet to have the machine removed and her pup taken care of.Rascal's ear shredded by the paper shredder

The vet said, “It was hard to get the ear out, it was held tightly in place.

“It was a bit gory. The flesh to the ear had, as you would imagine, been cut into tiny strips, just as if it was paper. It took a full 3cms of the ear.

“Fortunately no harm has been caused to Rascal’s hearing and once the hair on his ear has re-grown his ears may be a little lop sided but the injury shouldn’t be visible.”

Mrs. Well said Rascal is recovering and she has replaced the dangerous shredder with one of the new machines which has a ‘safe sensor.’

If you have a paper shredder in your home, make sure that it has a safety on it, keep pets and children away from it at all times. Rascal was one of the lucky ones. I’ve heard too many stories that didn’t have a ‘happy ending.’

You can check out Snopes for more information as well.  It really is a very real and serious danger!

Metro UK

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