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Top 10 Things Dogs Commonly Swallow

Now obviously this is a list of things that, in general, dogs are not supposed to be swallowing, otherwise it wouldn’t be very interesting. I’ve done a few stories of dogs swallowing things they’re not supposed to, there was a husky that ate a fork, another that ate golf balls, another that ates clothes, lots of clothes, and I’ve read many that I haven’t even mentioned.

Anyway, a vet complied this list of the top ten most common things that dogs swallow and at the top of the list; socks. Guess that answers the question of ‘did the dryer eat my missing socks?’ No, looks like the dog did.

Here’s your list;

  1. Socks
  2. Underwear
  3. Pantyhose
  4. Rocks
  5. Balls
  6. Chew toys
  7. Corn cobs
  8. Bones
  9. Hair ties
  10. Sticks

Dogs have a tendency of chewing on things that have their people’s scent and too often swallowing them. Doggie chew toys can be a big problem too, When a dog’s toys start to fall apart or get ripped apart, it needs to be removed.

Often things that a dog swallows will pass through naturally but sometimes they will cause serious problems if they get cause in the intestines or are too large to pass out as easily as they made their way in. If your pooch is experiencing gastrointestinal problems, especially if they have a habit of eating things they shouldn’t, you need to have them vet checked pretty quickly.

There are also stories of other weird and dangerous items that dogs have ingested such a nails, razor blades, needles, etc.

I’ve heard stories from friends about their pooches chomping on everything from cell phones to CDs, eyeglasses to dentures, rugs to books and more. Pens and markers seem to be prone to puppy teeth. Luckily, these items, excepts for perhaps small bits were not swallowed. But anything a dog can chew on and break down, can potentially be swallowed.

Check out a few of the x-rays below for some swallow hazards. One of them even surprised me!

X-ray of a necklace swallowed by a dog

X-ray of a necklace swallowed by a dog

x-ray - rubber duck

X-ray of a dog that swallowed a rubber duck

And a few more….

X-ray of a dog that swallowed a roll of coins

X-ray of a dog that swallowed a roll of coins

Guess coins are popular, heres an x-ray of a dog that swallowed a sack of coins

Guess coins are popular, here's an x-ray of a dog that swallowed a sack of coins

And here’s the one that surprised me…

Heres a lesson that your shouldnt let your dog and tutle play together

Here's a lesson that your shouldn't let your dog and turtle play together

So do you have any funny or interesting stories to add to this list?

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