As a nation of proclaimed animal and dog lovers, many of us take our dog with us on trips or even when we are just our running errands and summer time is definitely peak travel time. Most places now have laws to protect people from driving without vehicle restraints for our safety but what about the safety of our furred companions?

A dog loose in a car is a distraction not only for the driver and passengers and also for other drivers. They are also a serious hazard in the case of an accident. They can be propelled around the vehicle and cause serious injury to persons in the vehicle and to themselves. It’s not something we often think about but we need to!

And just as bad or even worse is the dog happily riding in the back of a pick-up truck!! This is such a danger to the dog and surrounding vehicles!! Just imagine if the driver were to make a sudden stop. The dog could be catapulted out of the vehicle bed and into traffic! We’re talking about the serious possibly of a multi-vehicle accident here and a seriously injured dog, if it’s so lucky to only be injured! Luckily, it’s becoming illegal in more and more areas!

There are many wonderful dog restraint systems available on the market now so for the safety of your beloved canine, yourself, your passengers and other drivers and their passengers, buckle up not only yourself, but your pooch as well!!

Check out some of the restraint systems available – just click on the first picture for more information on dog vehicle safety restraints.

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