BrutiCounter-Surfing the art of attaining tasty treats that our humans leave on counters or tables, supposedly off limits and out of our reach. *hmmph*

Shhhhhhh….. Ok pups, here’s a few tips for safe and successful counter-surfing!

Counter-surfin’ Tips

1. Don’t counter-surf when a human is in the same room. They will only try to stop you.

2. While counter-surfing, be as quiet as you can so you can get away with it. If you make excessive noises humans will investigate and stop you from your quest.

3. If somebody comes into the room while you are in the act, jump down and act innocent so the humans will leave the room and you can continue counter-surfing.

4. Once you are done eating your quest, go to your normal room and act normal. Do not lick your lips are the human will suspect that you have been counter-surfing.

5. If the humans get up to go the kitchen, disappear fast.

6. Teach your siblings how to counter-surf so you can have somebody else to blame.

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