JezzieMany of you probably know, if you’ve stopped by occasionally, I am the proud pet parent of two beautiful English Springer Spaniels and they are beyond spoiled! Springers are often referred to as ‘velcro’ dogs because they tend to be very attached to their people and mine are no different.

Jezzie, my 5 year old liver and white girl, has her spot under my desk when I am in the office working. Bruti, my 4 year old black and white boy just hangs out wherever he wants, with me most of the time but when my other half is home, Bruti often spends time with him… except on football Sunday.Bruti

Jezz is a pretty laid back dog for a Springer, not to much bothers her. She barks at the normal stuff, usually after Bruti clues her in that something is happening. Other than that, she’s usually content just to lay around, play ball, chase the laser and stuff like that.

Now Bruti is my ‘beast boy.’ He barrels around the house and the yard regardless of who or what is in his way. He is 60lbs of bulldozer dog! He barks at anything that catches his attention, chases our two cats for fun and is basically like an oversized perpetual puppy. Now one thing about Bruti is that he hates loud noises, they actually send him running, usually to me and as close as he can get. Ever had a 60lb dog catapult himself into your lap unexpectantly?

PackersSo fall is here and along with fall comes football. Living in Wisconsin, of course that means the Packers. Now I am not a WI native and have never been a big sports fan but I have to appreciate the Packers. I don’t usually watch the games but get a play-by-play all the same… whether I want it or not! Like many enthusiasts, my other half gets very excited and yells and screams and roots for the team and berates them for mistakes… all very loudly.

Jezz is usually not too bothered, she may jump when there’s an unusually loud exclamation but that’s about it. She just hangs under my desk and keeps me company, occasionally poking her cute little face out for a nibble when I have something she deems acceptable to her highly refined palate.

Gonna have to get myself prepared for the ‘beast boy’ tho and so will my Jezz.  He will usually start out hanging with ‘daddy’ until the yelling starts.  Then he will barrel into the office and slam himself on my lap or try to squirrel himself under the desk with Jezz.  It’s actually pretty comical, this tough dog turning into a cowering puppy who just wants to be cuddled and held.  And he’s fine right after, usually excited and playful.

Oddly enough, although he hates fireworks and such, thunder doesn’t faze him.  Silly pooch!

Well, guess it’s time to get prepared for Football Sunday here at home… puppy pillows in place, treats for the pooches, radio on to try to drown out the ‘noise.’  Guess that’s about all I can do… and wait for the beast to come barreling in at game time! 😀

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