Carving pumpkins for me has always been basically grabbing a big knife and hacking the hell out of a pumpkin until I get something resembling a rudimentary face… of sorts.  In the past years pumpkin carving has turned into an art form and I have seen some amazing specimens but of course, this being a dog blog, I have to highlight the dog pumpkins 🙂

Now I have seen designs that you can actually download so that you can carve your own dog pumpkin but so far no Springer designs or I might have actually given it a try but here are some wonderful dog pumpkins for you to enjoy!

ATT00004 ATT00040
ATT00028 ATT00025
ATT00022 ATT00019
ATT00016 ATT00013
ATT00010 ATT00007
ATT00037 ATT00034

Thanks for passing these along Sue, perfect to share!

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