Now if you are not laughing by the time you get to the bottom, you have no sense of humor at all!

It’s a given that different religions disagree with one another on certain subjects but this is one disagreement that took a most amusing turn.

I’ve looked at this a number of times since I got it and still find myself laughing at the end. I just hope they were all having a chuckle too, would be a shame if not…. 🙂

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Only humans Go to Heaven, Read the Bible

God Loves All His Creatures, Dogs Included

Dogs Don't Have Souls, This is Not Open to Debate

Catholic Dogs Go to Heavem Presbyterian Dogs Can Talk to their Pastor

Converting to Catholocism Does Not Magically Grant Your Dog a Soul

Free Dog Souls with Conversion

Dogs are Animals, There Aren't Any Rocks in Heaven Either

All Rocks Go To Heaven

Well, looks to me like the Catholics got the last word and last laugh…. too funny!

As for me, organized religion aside, I cannot believe that God would create such wonderful creatures and not make a place for them in the hereafter… 🙂

PS. no derogatory religious comments please…. this is all in fun!

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