Being a dog lover and in my case a Springer owner, actually I still think they own me, I love stuff that shows my love for my furbabies! Oddly enough I have a tough time finding Springer related items locally so of course I went browsing online. Came across this great site that has just tons of stuff! Not only for Springers, but just about every kind of dog you can imagine as well as cats, wildlife, birds, reptiles, barnyard critters, hampsters, fish and even bugs! LOL

It’s called the Animal Den and they have something for just about anyone who’s into just about any kind of pet, animal or critter.

Check out a couple of these great Springer items I found!

This cool T-shirt –

This cute mug so I can ‘share’ my morning tea with my ‘babies!

And this adorable little figurine!

And their prices are really excellent too! So if you want to show your love for your furbaby or want to get a really special and appreciated gift for that animal lover, check out the Animal Den, you won’t be disappointed!

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