I read this and laughed so hard! Thank goodness this is one dog owner with a good sense on humor because with this pooch he sure need it!

Thanks Spokesman Review for passing this along!

Dog drives car into drink

Charlie is in the dog house.

The sweet-looking black lab from Sagle totaled his owner’s ride Wednesday after knocking the car out of gear and into the Pend Oreille River.

Coupled with the dog’s destructive habit of chewing on the family’s furniture, Wednesday’s incident brought Charlie’s damage toll into the thousands.

Luckily for Charlie, his owner has a sense of humor.

“He doesn’t know what he did,” said Mark Ewing, who watched as his Chevy Impala sank in the river.

Ewing had just returned home from picking up a pizza Wednesday evening. As he walked to his home, Charlie jumped into the car through an open window.

“He somehow got the car into neutral,” Ewing said. “My car just went boom, down an incline and into the drink.”

Charlie leapt back out the window as the car went downhill.

“There’s nothing weirder than looking at your car cruising down your driveway when you’re not in it and seeing your dog jump out and then watching your car go splash,” Ewing said.

For the Sagle man, things got even stranger once the tow truck driver showed up. Before the driver dove into the water to hook the car up to his tow truck, he asked Ewing to hold his dentures.

Said Ewing, “My car’s in the drink, I’ve got dentures in my hand and this guy, Keith from Clyde’s Towing, goes swimming.”

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