tireOk, now this isn’t your usual dog bite story, most dog bite stories aren’t funny or amusing, this one is, it’s hysterical!! Cumberland County Deputy Lynn Lavallis went to investigate a report about a dog chasing a girl on a bike. She got to the home of Gloria Bass, who made the report but by then there was no problem to be seen, no little girl riding a bike and no dog chasing her.

Deputy Lavallis parked her cruiser in Bass’s driveway and went to talk to Ms. Bass and that’s when Ms. Bass’ dog, and yes, it was a pitbull if that matters at all, went on attack.

No, it didn’t bother the deputy, it attacked and flattened all four tires on the deputy’s cruiser. I have to admit, I would have liked to have seen this, just too funny!!

“The dog didn’t try to attack the deputy. He just doesn’t like tires,” Debbie Tanna, spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Office said.

A county wrecker was called and showed up with four new tires to replaced the dog’s chew toy tires. No action will be taken against the dog because he was on his own property and no one was hurt. As for Ms. Bass, well, she will have to pay to replace the county’s property, 4 tires at a cost of $504.60,

I can’t stop chuckling over this.  I’ve hear stories of dogs that take a dislike to certain things and will growl or attack them for no reason but never of a magnitude like this.  I can just imagine everyone standing around kind of dumbfounded, trying not to laugh at the spectacle.  Ok, so maybe not everyone found it funny, the deputy probably wasn’t very happy at the time but you can bet this is a story that will be told and retold later with much laughter!

I have a bird, an African Grey parrot that you cannot walk barefooted around when he’s on the prowl.  We call him the “toe-monster.”  He will attack anyone toes.  Not quite the same thing but still pretty funny. 🙂

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