A Raleigh, NC pooch is clearly confused seeing the family cat on the computer and also in the same room.  Jennifer Barnes, Emma’s 12-year-old owner was testing out her new video camera when she captured the amusing footage of the confused pooch.  Emma, a lab, is clearly enthralled watching the video image of Sugar, the family cat on the computer but also clearly confused, so much so that she actually goes over to check out the “real” Sugar.  And it’s turned into quite the YouTube hit as well!

“I think that it is amazing that it has got so many views,” Jennifer said. “When I first posted it up, being a video of my dog of all things, I didn’t think that it was going to get many views at all.

“So the fact that it has almost reached 200,000 views is insane to me. While recording the video I thought that Emma’s reaction to it was hilarious.

“She does things like that sometimes, but I’ve never really been able to catch it and have her continue doing it for so long. “And the fact that she actually went over to see Sugar amazed me and my parents. Sugar and Emma get along well. They mostly just put up with each other, but occasionally Emma will wander over to Sugar and give her a kiss.

“The footage on the laptop of Sugar had been taken the night before as a test video for my video camera.”

What a great video Jennifer!

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