Now I admit that my Jezzie and Bruti are somewhat spoiled and pampered pups. They’re my ‘kids’ and are pretty much treated as such but I don’t go to extremes I don’t believe although there are many who do. 😀

New York’s elite give dogs a good life

NEW YORK, July 8 (UPI) — Some dog-owning members of New York’s elite stop at nothing to make their furry friends as happy, comfortable and stylish as possible, the New York Post said.

Cindy Brussler, a New York veterinarian, said she treats exclusive clients who pay her $250 for a house call, the newspaper reported. She said some clients have even hired private planes to fly their dogs to and from vacation homes and other places.

“They send private planes for me,” Brussler said. “Dogs are members of the family, and when money’s no object, they’ll stop at nothing for their well-being.”

Some of the celebrities known for pampering their pooches are TV host and celebrity chef Rachel Ray; comedian Jerry Seinfeld; musician Billy Joel; and former president Bill Clinton, the Post said.

Wealthy owners are known to buy clothing for their dogs, feed them only gourmet foods and allow their dogs to travel with them to far off locales. (UPI)

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