DogsbarYou know papers and circulars sometimes include samples of products, including snacks, to induce us to try them and buy them?  Well, a few weeks ago 15 thousand copies of the Hollywood Reporter went out with samples inside them, little “gluten-free” nutrition bars.  No big deal, just another advertising gimmick freebie, right? So what do you do when you get a snack freebie?  You might munch on it or toss it aside to try it out later and this is exactly what happened.

Television studio heads, publicists, reporters and more, noshing on the “gluten-free” nutrition bars without paying any attention… only problem was, they were doggie snacks!

The “stunt,” as Ms. Segall called the giveaway, was part of a $45,000 ad purchase by Dog for Dog, a pet food company backed by the comedian Chelsea Handler; the rapper Snoop Dogg, who now prefers to be known as Snoop Lion; and Ryan Kavanaugh, the chief of Relativity Media. For every item bought, Dog for Dog says it donates an item to a needy canine. (source)

Ok, I am trying not to laugh but it’s really pretty funny. I mean, no harm was done. The treats are supposedly  made of all human grade ingredients but can you imagine the mortification…

“Yes, we heard people ate the dog bar thinking it was for humans,” said a clucking Lynne Segall, The Reporter’s publisher. “On the plus side, it was gluten-free.”

“People do sometimes eat the bars by mistake and then there’s a moment where they race to check the label,” said Rocky Keever, the founder of Dog for Dog. “But they’re all quality ingredients, like you’d find in your grandmother’s cabinets.”

Have you ever inadvertently… or maybe not so inadvertently… munched on dog food or a doggie treat?  So, what did you think? 🙂

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