Button with her 18 puppiesOne family in the UK has their hands full… and their laps full and they’re very busy right now.  Their Dalmatian, Buttons, gave birth to what is thought to be a UK record number of puppies, 18!

The average litter for a Dalmatian is about 8-10 and the Morley family and their vet, Con Hassett, who delivered the puppies by c-section, were surprised and amazed at the size of the litter.

“I delivered all 18 puppies in about nine to 12 minutes as the surgery itself is reasonably straightforward, but it’s the aftercare that’s harder. We had to have five or six nurses there to revive and tend to the puppies afterwards,” said Hassett

“I never heard of any breed of dog giving birth to 18. The real miracle is that they’ve survived this long because it’s so hard to rear that many pups.”

The Morley family is working around the clock feeding and caring for all the puppies because Buttons can’t care for all of them herself. This is not her first large litter either, in 2007 Buttons have birth to 16 puppies.

The family says this will be Buttons last litter, she will be spayed after this. The puppies, except for one they plan to keep will be going to the homes of family and friends.

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