dog_pandas When two baby red panda’s were rejected by their momma at Taiyuan Zoo in China’s Shanxi province immediately after birth, it was apparent that a surrogate had to be brought in to make sure the babies survived. To the rescue comes this canine momma who has taken to the baby panda’s as if they were her own.

“It’s good-natured and has sufficient milk. The baby bears seem to like it, too,” zoo staffer Ha Guojiang told Xinhua.

The little furry tree dwellers are thriving and have doubled in size. Endangered, they are native to China, Myanmar and Nepal and fully grown about the size of a cat but with a much larger bushier tail. Born on June 25, no one even knew the mother panda was pregnant.

“No one knew she was pregnant. Her plump body and bushy hair disguised her protruding belly until the babies were born,” said Ha. “We hurriedly went about to find a wet nurse for them.”

The only disappointment is that the momma dog is no longer much interested in nursing her puppy but sources assure that it is being well cared for and fed by hand.


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