treadmill pupOh my goodness… Bandit is one determined pup… he wants to play with the “big dogs”… first looks like he found a new game, riding the treadmill off the back… then he’s determined to try to imitate the big guy and walk it… Had me smiling til my cheeks hurt and giggling til I had tears in my eyes… so precious!

From peace love and pitbulls, great organization! They say that the PLP pack is in quarantine until Bandit, their newest rescue pup, has had his shots so it’s home gym for exercise… and Bandit just being Bandit, a heartbreakingly adorable pup!

Shared this on FTLTD’s Facebook page and it was such a hit and have seen it all over since then… enjoy!

FYI – the adult dog’s lead is attached to the emergency stop on the treadmill, not the treadmill itself.

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