Sampson is a 3 yr old Great Dane Newfoundland mix that weighs in at an astonishing 276 lbs! He stands 37 in at the shoulder and 6’5″ on his hind legs and he is definitely one of the biggest if not the biggest dog in Britain! With a 59 in chest and 29 in neck, he gets his collars custom made and wears pony coats when it rains.

SamsonHis owner, 65 yr old Ray Woods and his wife Julie, say it costs approximately $125 a month to feed Samson. He get two huge bowls of kibble and a turkey leg every now and then for a treat! His daily exercise is two 4 mile and not surprisingly people tend to quickly get out of his way!

Samson is a RSPCA rescue from a litter of 11 puppies but he outgrew them all. When the Woods adopted him at 6 month he already weighed over 225 lbs.

Although he is huge and looks downright intimidating, the Woods say he is gentle as a lamb.

Passers-by do a double take and other dogs keep a safe distance when they spot Samson straining on the leash.

But he is so powerful, it’s usually him taking Ray for a walk. Julie, from Boston, Lincs, said: “He’s a lovely dog whose bark is definitely worse than his bite.

“People are often instantly intimidated when they first see him because he’s about the size of a small horse and very quick.

“But he is so gentle and wouldn’t harm a fly. He loves being patted and is very affectionate. (The Daily Mail)

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