Akira, the shoplifting dogFinally, the canine criminal has come forward to face the music! In December a Murray, UT grocery store’s video camera captured a dog as it sauntered into the store, made its way to the pet aisle, picked out a goodie and quite calmly left the store to the astonishment of store employees.  Now the canine culprit, an 11-year-old Siberian Husky named Akira, has been identified and brought forward to pay the price.

This time Akira arrived in style, in the family hummer along with the family, the Stirlings.  They didn’t see the video of the great canine caper until recently but suspecte, after they heard about it, that it was their own beloved pooch that was behind the crime.

The Stirlings do live in Murray but almost 6 miles away, an amazing almost 12 mile round trip for Akira to swipe a rawhide chew.

When the Stirlings brought Akira into the store she was quickly identified as the culprit and when let loose, she again promptly proceeded to the pet aisle to check out the goodies.

This time on the way out of the store, there was a stop by the cash register to pay for the new bone the Stirlings picked up for Akira and for the one the she got away with on her last unauthorized trip.

I have to tell you, I am still laughing over this.  This was funny when it happened and this “return to the scene of the crime” makes the whole story even funnier yet.  It’s great that everyone had such a great sense of humor of this canine caper! 😆

Shoplifting Dog Faces the Music

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