We’ve all seen our dogs dream in their sleep, growling, making weird noises, legs kicking and paddling like they’re chasing after something.  My Jezzie notorious for this! Well, this is one pooch whose dream must have been very enthusiastic because she went quite a bit further than just kicking. Have you ever seen a sleepwalking dog? Check it out.

Now, if you’re anything like me, part of you is gonna be “awwww, poor baby,”  but the other side is going to be laughing your butt off.  No worries though, the pooch is just fine. 🙂

PS. These videos of Bizkit, yup, that’s the dog’s name, are making their rounds on the internet. Most people think it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever seen but some people are getting incensed and saying there is something wrong with the dog and that the owner is cruel.

The owner posted this, “Bizkit is glad she could make so many people smile. She walks in her sleep all the time and will be posting more. She is in no danger. We take good care of her. We can not keep her from walking in her sleep, so we might as well enjoy it and spread a little humor. Besides, it just plain F’en funny. SHE IS NOT ILL!”

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